Akito Scissors

XT-11 32T

Hand Preference:

The Cutting blade is situated in front of the tooth blade enabling a closer cut for increased accuracy when performing the scissor over comb technique.

Removes 25% of Hair. The XT-11 32T thinning Scissors are classically designed with 32 V-Blade straight teeth to provide secure hair capture and an Equal Tooth to Space Ratio creating soft cut effects such as blending and diffusing weight distribution in both short and long hair.

Twenty year lifetime. Handmade from Japanese 440C Steel alloy providing the XT-5 with a lifetime of twenty years. 

Precision Smooth. The Raised Adjustable Tension System provides precision weight distribution throughout the XT-11 32T for smooth and precise cutting.

Improved posture and enhanced hand comfort. The XT-11 32T’s Semi-Offset Handle bridges the gap between offset and straight handles for hair stylists that want the best of both.  

Designed to perform perfectly as Wet Hair Cutting Scissors (Shears).

NOTE: Like the look of the XT-11? You may also like the Akira 30T.

NOTE: The XT-11 32T makes a matching set alongside the X-11.

What's Included with the XT-11 32T?

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