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440 Series | 440C Scissors

The 440 Series, made for Professionals and for the Next Generation, designed to provide you with the performance you deserve whilst being carefully priced to make them the some of the best but most affordable scissors.

The 440 Series are good quality scissors but without the price making them the perfect choice for both professional hairdressers and barbers fully established in their career and also beginner or student hair stylists just starting our in their career looking to hone their talents and develop their skill.

Fusion - 55T | 25% $225.00 USD
Misaki $225.00 USD
Phantom - Lefty $225.00 USD
Katana S $245.00 USD
Chi - Lefty $195.00 USD - $245.00 USD
XT-8B - 30T | 30% $195.00 USD - $245.00 USD
Attitude - Lefty $225.00 USD