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Dry Cutting Shears

Shop our selection of dry cutting shears, each one precision engineered and designed for powerful performance to glide through all hair types with exceptional ease providing you with total versatility for both hairdressers and barbers. Akito's dry cutting series are made from high performance Japanese steels to provide ultimate sharpness and durability whist featuring ergonomic offset handle designs for total comfort and control.


Kasai X $445.00 USD - $475.00 USD
X-5 $245.00 USD - $375.00 USD
F-2 Black $275.00 USD - $375.00 USD
F-2 Silver $275.00 USD - $375.00 USD
Spirit - Lefty $245.00 USD
Edge $245.00 USD
XX04 $325.00 USD - $425.00 USD
Phantom - Lefty $225.00 USD
X-8 $245.00 USD
Chi - Lefty $195.00 USD - $245.00 USD