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AK Z-1 | New $475.00 USD - $525.00 USD
Takara $375.00 USD
F-2 Black $275.00 USD - $375.00 USD
AK TNCSR | New $395.00 USD
AK V-1 | New $475.00 USD
F-2 Silver $275.00 USD - $375.00 USD
AK TXSF | New $395.00 USD
Kasai X $445.00 USD - $475.00 USD
AK SHATTER | New $395.00 USD
X-5 $245.00 USD - $375.00 USD
Kaito $245.00 USD - $325.00 USD
Katana $295.00 USD - $375.00 USD
Misaki $225.00 USD
Okami $375.00 USD
XX04 $325.00 USD - $425.00 USD
Katana S $245.00 USD
Kasai | Sold Out $475.00 USD

Professional hair dressing scissors.

It's no secret that the most important tool in any hairdressers or hair stylists career are the scissors for hairdressing that they use every day.

Although choosing the correct hair dresser scissors for your cutting style can be challenging, we believe it is definitely worth taking the time to consider all the factors that we will cover to ensure that you choose the perfect hair stylist scissors for you.

All information we have gathered is based on surveys, buying patterns and opinions from hairdressers globally to help answer all the important questions about your shears. From the most popular types of scissors by size, to the most comfortable handles or what hair dressing scissors to choose depending on stage in career, etc.

V1 Professional Hairdressing Scissors

Most popualr types by size.

There are two main types of salon scissors that stand out due to their popularity and that dominate the choices of hairdressers all across the globe, these can be separated into two main types which are small precision scissors based tools and mid-legth all round performing professional hairdressing scissors.

AK Z-1 Professional Hairdressing Scissor

Small precision scissors.

This type of hair cut scissor range between 4.5 to 5.0 and have regained a large amount of prominence over the past few years, this is due largely to the rise of precision based precision based hairdressing education.

These smaller type of hair stylist shear feature shorter, finer, slimmer and pointier blades that allow you to cut closer to your clients head whilst having full control over the blade.

This type of hairdressing professional scissors suit a certain type of cutting style and are perfect for hair stylists that love to take time while cutting.

These are predominantly used to cut wet hair making them the perfect wet scissors. They are a very popular among some of the worlds most celebrated educators and hairdressers.

Kaito offset hairdresser scissors

Mid-length professional hairdresser scissors.

This type of beauty scissors range between 5.5 to 6.25 and are the most popular types of scissors for professional hairdresser on the market. These hairdresser shears feature mid-lenght blades, mid-width blade that help them support the widest range of hair cutting techniques making them perfect for your every-day go-to shears and scissors for hair.

These type of sizes are also most likely the type you receive in your student kit when you were first starting out in your training.

These type of scissors suit all cutting styles regardless of the type of training you have receive and can be used to cut wet and dry hair types making them the perfect choice hairdresser cutting scissors.

All-round salon grade shears are the most popular of any design and are constant choice for hair stylists as they lend themselves to the largest number of techniques whilst giving you a feeling of total control.

F-2 All round cutting hairdresser shears

Most popualr type of hair stylist shears handle

We believe that handles are arguably the most important part of any salon shears, they can provide or hinder your performance and can either cause or protect you from injuries.

There are many different handle types on the market today such as  Straight (Opposing), Offset and Swivel all of which dominate the market today but of all these designs there is one type that stand out most among the rest which is the Offset handle.

Ergo Offset hair stylists shears handle

Offset Salon Scissors

This type of design is one that 96% of our customers find most comfortable to use and the easiest to use when transitioning between cutting techniques. Whilst most report that they find it the most comfortable to use and easiest to become to accustomed to when transitioning from Opposing (straight) handle scissors.

The Offset handle’s encourages a more open and free moving hand that helps reduce tension in the wrist and thumb area. The offset design also provides you with a more natural and versatile body position, helping you lower your elbow and arm to be considerably, reducing the risk of developing injuries such as RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Back Pain, etc.

All Akito hair salon scissors are made with ergonomic offset handles meaning that whatever design you choose will provide you with these exceptional qualities whilst protecting you from injury.

AK Z-1 Beauty Scissors on white

Which hair salon shears should I choose?

You're a true professional, fully established in your career with have full confidence in your abilities and are looking for salon shears to match and to give your clients what they deserve.

What size should I choose?
Generally we find that most hairdressing cutting styles and techniques lend themselves best to smaller or mid-size beauty salon scissors due to their versatility and ease of transition between different angles.

We believe you should choose what feels most comfortable to your or what suits your cutting style the most whether that is 5.0 inch scissors, 5.5 inch scissors or 6.0 inch scissors.

How much should I spend?
We believe this to be a completely personal choice and you should only invest in tools that you can afford, however, with the vast amount of choices at varying prices it can be difficult to distinguish between so to make it easier we have broken them down into the most popular designs per price point.

Kasai beauty shears on black

Are you a left handed stylist or barber?

In the modern day with the rise of "smartphone thumb" it's never been more important for left handed hairdressers and barbers to use the correct type scissors which is why we offer a wide range of scissors specifically designed for left handers.

Chi hairdressing scissors blade

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