We are still operational.

We hope you are all healthy and managing to keep positive through these testing times. We know that the uncertainty surrounding the industry and the world at the moment can become overwhelming, and it is great to see social media platforms being used to share information and positivity!

Following a number of enquiries relating to Order Fulfilment* and Scissor Sharpening* service during these times, we wanted to reassure you all that we continue to operate as normal and will do our best to get through this. We have already temporarily transferred our operation to our home to ensure we can continue to deliver the best service to our customers. This enables us to fully adhere to the rules and procedures provided by the NHS and the World Health Organisation, and ensures that everything we receive and send is done so in the safest way possible using masks, gloves and sanitising with Isopropyl Alcohol throughout every step of the process. 

*Scissor Sharpening: If, like a number of other Akito Family Members, you wish to take this opportunity to send your Akito’s for sharpening, sanitising and servicing please only do so if able to follow the new social, safety and health rules/measures provided by the WHO and NHS. 

If you are certain that you can comply with the new measures to ensure there is no risk to you or others then you can contact us by clicking here and we will contact you with further information.

*Order Fulfilment: we are still fulfilling orders made through our website www.akitoscissors.com and are working hard to provide a fast, reliable and safe service to all our customers whilst strictly adhering to the NHS and WHO rules/procedures.

Thank you for reading this update. We send all our love and positivity to you all, stay safe, stay strong and we will all get through this together!


Akito Scissors