Akito Scissors

Chi - Left

  • Handmade. The Chi is crafted by master scissor smiths from the magnificent Japanese 440C steel.
  • Designed for Power. The Chi barber scissors possess precision engineered barber blades consisting of elongated length and substantial weight for increased power 
  • 20 Year Lifetime. The Chi provides you with twenty  years of superior hair cutting performance.
  • Japanese Semi Convex Edge. Glide through all hair types with the Chi’s supremely sharp and powerful Japanese Semi Convex Edge forged from Japanese 440C Steel alloy.
  • Offset Handle with 3D Thumb. The Chi’s Offset Handle was created to provide you with superior hand comfort, control and improved posture whilst the 3D thumb supports versatility and mobility.
  • Flat screw UFO tension system. The Chi provides you with velvety smooth cutting with the flat screw UFO tension system. 
  • The Chi is a medium weight scissor.
  • Wet and Dry. The Chi’s supreme power makes it perfect for cutting through wet and dry hair.
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