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440 Series

Essence - Lefty

Size: 6.0
Hand: Left Handed

Japanese 440C steel.

Handmade from Japanese 440C steel.

Precision and power.

The Essence left handed hairdressing scissors feature a tapered slim medium-weight blade design that promotes precise and intricate techniques whilst supporting all round hair cutting.

Made from durability.

The Essence has an estimated lifetime of 20 years by virtue of its Japanese 440C steel blades.

Slice, slide and glide.

Honed to perfection, the Essence's Japanese 440C Steel 100% convex edge will cut through even the coarsest of hair types with seamless ease.

The Essence performs perfectly whatever the weather on wet and dry hair.

Essence left handed Japanese steel hair cutting scissors / shears on black

Counter-lock UFO tension system.

Smooth cutting for longer

The gold coloured counter lock UFO tension system provides both elegance and balance to the Essence making it both enjoyable to cut with and look. This tension system also help maintain sharpness for longer.

Remove the tension.

Aside from making cutting feel luxurious the Essence's tension system helps remove pressure build up in the hand promoting painless cutting.

Essence left handed Japanese steel hair cutting scissors / shears open Japanese convex blade on white

Ergo Semi-Offset handle.

Bridging the gap.

The ergo semi offset handle is perfect alternative for stylists that are transferring from classic straight handled hair scissors. Helping reduce the damage those designs can cause and offering a more comfortable alternative.

Protection against RSI, Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis.

The Essence's handle promotes improved posture whilst helping reduce the risk of developing career threatening injuries.

Essence left handed Japanese steel hair cutting scissors / shears offset handle on white

What's included with the Essence?

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Our experts are here to help.

Make sure the Essence is the perfect scissor for your cutting style with a consultation from our experts.

Essence left handed hair cutting scissors / shears on white