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440 Series

F-8 - CNP

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Size: 6.0
Hand: Right Handed
Edition: Silver

*Certified Near Perfect (CNP)

The certified near perfect (CNP) F-8 are brand new and perform exactly the same as a full price model, the only difference being is they have extremelly small and barely noticeable aesthetic blemishes that bare no impact on performance.

How much do I save? You save an amazing £50 off full price and with limited pieces available they won't be around for long so get yours before they're gone.

Masterful performance without the price.

The F-8 are exceptional hairdressing scissors designed for complete cutting, the F-8 has one of the widest cutting ranges of any scissor we have made to date.

The F-8 features a Tapered blade which retains the weight at the back of the blade, subsequently providing a slim surface and power to the cutting edge.

The F-8 excels in all cutting techniques such as baseline, slide, slice, point, weave and scissor over comb on both long and short hair.

The F-8 certified near perfect hair scissors are brand new and perform exactly the same as full priced models, the only difference being they have very small and barely noticeable aesthetic blemishes which bare no impact on performance whatsoever.

Cobalt enriched Japanese 440C Steel

Hand crafted from Cobalt enriched Japanese 440C Steel providing the blades with an exceptionally sharp and durable cutting edge, helping you produce your finest and most creative work with seamless ease.

Twenty-five year lifetime.

Handmade from Cobalt Japanese 440C Steel alloy providing your F-8 with exceptional durability making it far outlast the competition with a lifetime of twenty-five years.

Supremely sharp.

The 100% Japanese convex blade edge is superbly sharp making the F-8 a master of all hair cutting techniques.

Designed for wet and dry hair cutting.

UFO Tension System.

Effortless cutting.

The flat UFO counter lock tension system aids smoother cutting movement helping minimise hand pressure and tension making cutting feel effortless.

Longer lasting cutting edge.

The UFO tension system provides equilibrium to the blades subsequently minimising friction and preventing the edges from grinding helping the F-8 maintain a sharp cutting edge for longer.

Offset handle

The F-8 features an ergonomic offset handle, a design that increases hand comfort and provides you with protection against developing RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The F-8's Finger Ring and Thumb Ringsare desgined to support all hand sizes.

Curver Finger Rest with Finger Bar Separator provide increased stability and control.

What's included with your F-8?

Lifetime Guarantee

Your F-8 is covered with lifetime guarantee.

Express Worldwide Shipping

Express worldwide shipping available for your F-8.

Pay your way

Your F-8 your way with payment options with Klarna or ClearPay.

Buy without risk

Buy your F-8 without risk with 14 day money back guarantee.