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Foundation Series

Freedom SBB - CNP

Size: 7.0
Hand: Right Handed

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Quality without compromise.

The SBB barber scissors possess precision engineered barber blades consisting of elongated length and substantial weight for increased power that excels at point cutting, scissor over comb, slide cutting, slicing and baselines.

SBB Japanese barber shears on side angle

440C Japanese steel

Razor Sharp.

The SBB has a razor sharp Japanese Convex edge forged from Japanese 440C Steel. 

Twenty year lifetime.

Handmade from Japanese 440C Steel alloy providing a lifetime of twenty years.

Design for wet and dry hair cutting.

SBB barber shears back angle offset handle

UFO tension system

Smooth cutting.

The flat UFO Tension System establishes perfect balance throughout the SBB providing you velvety smooth cutting.

Sharper for longer.

The UFO tension system provides excellent balance between the blades helping minise friction and maintain sharpness for longer whilst helping protect you from career threatening injuries such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

SBB Japanese barber scissors tension system

Offset handle.

Improved posture and enhanced hand comfort.

The SBB’s Ergonomic Offset Handle provides you with enhanced hand comfort and improved posture whilst protecting you from RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

SBB Japanese barber shears offset back angle

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