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We know how much you all loved the original Akito Kasai so we decided to make it even better by giving it some performance enhancing upgrades. The Kasai X possesses all the qualities that made its predecessor one of our most popular scissors but now with even better and more versatile performance. We redesigned the shape of the blade increasing the curvature of the cutting edge making the Kasai X excel at slice and slide cutting whilst the refined exterior blade allowed for a more intricate tip supporting intricate and advance precision cutting techniques.

The Kasai X’s sensationally sharp Japanese Convex edge provides you with limitless cutting creativity whilst the premium grade VG10-Japan steel from which it is made provides exceptional strength and durability maintaining sharpness for far longer than other scissors whist providing the Kasai X with a lifetime of over thirty-years.

The Ball Bearing Tension System establishes perfect balance between the blades therefore eliminating friction keeping them sharper for longer all whilst eliminating hand strain by providing you with luxurious smoothness for effortless hair cutting.

The ergonomic Offset Handle provides you with enhanced hand comfort whilst protecting you from developing career threatening injuries such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Sculpted Thumb supports increased mobility permitting more versatile cutting, grip and angle positions, most notably used for the famous ‘eastern grip’.

The Kasai X is here for you whatever the weather, designed to perform perfectly on both wet and dry hair.

What's Included with the Kasai X?

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