Akito Scissors


Hand Preference:

All around excellence. Aesthetically stunning and magnificent in performance, the Katana hairdressing and barber scissors are all around performers that excel at all hair cutting techniques.

Sensationally Sharp. Achieve hair cutting excellence with the Katana’s sensationally sharp Japanese Convex edge forged from Premium VG10 Japanese Steel.

Thirty years of exceptional performance. The Katana is handcrafted from Premium VG10 Japanese steel alloy by some of the worlds finest Master Scissor Smiths providing you with thirty years of exceptional performance.

Luxuriously Smooth. The innovative Ball Bearing Tension System establishes harmonious equilibrium throughout the Katana providing you with luxuriously smooth and effortless cutting.

Improved Posture and maximum hand comfort. The Katana Ergonomic Offset Crane Handle eliminates the aches, soothes the pains and provides you with luxurious hand comfort all whilst protecting you from RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Sculpted Thumb design allows for a more natural and versatile thumb position, enabling the Katana to be used with the ‘eastern grip’.

Designed to perform perfectly as Wet and Dry Hair Cutting Scissors (Shears).

What's Included with the Katana?

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