TX01 16Teeth Texturising and Blending Scissors / Shears on black background

A master of texturising and blending.

Removes 55% of Hair. The TX01 texturising scissors / shears are characterised by its 16 Angled Taper-Blade Teeth; the teeth provide assured hair capture and produce a softer angle on each cut section of hair whilst the Tear-drop shaped spaces enable the use of the cut-comb technique. The Wide Tooth to Space ratio creates a weave cut effect for diffusing weight distribution on long and short hair.

The TX-01's tooth blade is situated in front of the hair cutting blade making it easier to to refine.

Japanese VG10 steel.

Handmade from premium grade VG10 Japan steel.

30 year lifetimeby virtue of the exceptional VG10 steel.

Glide through the thickest of hair with the supremely sharp Japanese convex edge.

TX01 16Teeth Texturising and Blending Scissors / Shears open side angle on white background

Gen 2 ball bearing.

Effortless and smooth.

The Gen 2 ball bearing tension system eliminated tension build up by making cutting effortless and smooth.

Maintain sharpness for longer.

The Gen 2 also helps maintain sharpness by establishing equilibrium between both the cutting and tooth blade therefore minimising friction.

TX01 Texturising and Blending Scissors / Shears teeth close up open on white background

Offset Ergo handle.

The TX-01 featured a sculpted ergonomic offset handleproviding you with hand comfort, improved posture and protection from career threatening injuries including RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis.

Cover all the angles with the 3D thumb design.

TX01 16Teeth Texturising and Blending Scissors / Shears offset handle on white

TX01 - 55% | Texturising and Blending Scissors & Shears

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Size: 6.0
Hand: Right Handed

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