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TX-02 30T | 30% | Thinning

£199 £249
Hand Preference:

The Tooth blade is situated in front of the cutting blade enabling precision and visibility of tooth placement for refining work.

Removes 30% of Hair. The TX-02 thinning scissors feature 30 Curved Bevel-Blade teeth to provide assured hair capture and a softer angle on each cut section of hair whilst the Curved teeth enable the use of the cut-comb technique. The equal Tooth to Space Ratio creates a soft cut effect for blending and diffusing weight distribution in both long and short hair, making the TX-02 a master thinning scissor.

Thirty years of exceptional hair cutting. The TX-02 is handcrafted from Premium VG10 Japanese steel alloy by our team of Master Scissor Smiths providing you with thirty years of exceptional hair cutting.

Luxuriously Smooth. The innovative Ball Bearing Tension System establishes harmonious equilibrium throughout the TX-02 providing you with luxuriously smooth and effortless cutting.

Improved posture and enhanced hand comfort. The TX-02’s Ergonomic Offset Handle provides you with enhanced hand comfort and improved posture whilst protecting you from RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Sculpted Thumb design allows for a more natural and versatile thumb position, enabling the TX-02 to be used with the ‘eastern grip’.

NOTE: The TX-02 works perfectly alongside the TX-01 16T.

What's Included with the TX-02 30T?

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