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Re-designed for improved performance.

You loved the original X-1 due to it's aesthetically stunning design, unique features and masterful cutting performance so we decided to make one that is even better, introducing the X-1 2.0. 

We upgraded the blade design in order to support more advanced and intricate cutting techniques, by removing width from the exterior of the blade and creating a V shape instead of the original "wave effect" design. By doing so we were able to increase versatility allowing you to get closer to the head for more refined and precise cutting.


Pro Series

X-1 2.0

Size: 6.0
Hand: Right Handed
Model: 2.0

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Japanese Hitachi steel.

Handcrafted from Japanese Hitachi steel alloy making the X-1 2.0 one of our strongest and most durable shears to date meaning this scissor knows no limits, as it slides and glides through all hair types with ease.

25 years of exceptional performance.

The redesigned blade of the X-1 2.0 allows for an even sharper Japanese Convex edge whilst the Japanese Hitachi Steel from which it is made provides supreme power that both preserves sharpness for longer and provides the 2.0 model with a lifetime of over twenty-five years.

The X-1 2.0 is designed to perform perfectly on both wet and dry hair.

Super smooth.

The upgraded level counter lock tension system provides even more balance to the blades reducing friction and hand strain whilst making cutting feel velvety and effortless.

Protecting your hands.

The X-1 2.0's tension system helps prevent build of tension around your hand and wrist area due to the repetitive action of cutting which is proven to lead to injuries such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This also helps reduce friction between the blades maintaining a sharper cutting edge for longer.

Protecting your hand and your career.

The X-1 2.0 features the same engraved pattern ergonomic Offset Handle as the original model providing all the same benefits including enhanced hand comfort and protection from developing career threatening injuries such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The 3D design allows for a more natural and versatile thumb position, enabling the X-1 2.0 to be used with the ‘eastern grip’.

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