Quality without compromise.

Get your XX02 hair scissors and shears at the best possible price with certified near perfect, the best way to get the best quality without the price.

The XX02 performs exactly the same as its brand new counter part with the only difference being they have very small barely noticeable aesthetic blemishes.

Get yours before they're gone as with limited pieces available the XX02 won't be available for long.

XX03 certified near perfect hair scissors and shears on white side on


High quality steel for high quality performance.

The XX02 is forged from premium grade Japanese VG10 steel to provide you with the highest quality hair scissors and shears.

Thirty year lifetime.

The VG10 steel from which the XX02 is made provides supreme power and durability to the XX02 providing a lifetime of circa thirty years.

Design for wet and dry hair cutting.

XX03 certified near perfect hair scissors and shears on black background

Gen. 3 ball bearing.

Effortlessly smooth cutting.

The Gen 3 tension system provides the XX02 with exceptional balance making cutting feel effortlessly smooth.

Your XX02 stays sharper for longer.

By minimising friction between the blades the XX02's Gen 3 tension system keeps the cutting edge sharper for longer.

Reducing hand tension.

The Gen 3 helps alleviate pressure build up in your hand and wrist area that builds up throughout your career due to repetitive cutting actions, this helps protect you from career threatening injuries such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

XX03 certified near perfect hair scissors and shears Japanese steel convex blade on black background

Sculpted Ergo offset handle.

Comfort, protection and control.

The XX02 features a sculpted ergonomic offset handle and provides you with exceptional hand comfort and control whilst protecting you from developing career threatening injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or RSI.

Advanced cutting.

The XX02 features a 3D thumb design that supports more advanced and creative cutting techniques.

XX03 certified near perfect hair scissors and shears open on white background

XX02 - 5.5 / 6.0 | Hair Scissors and Shears.

Size: 5.5
Hand: Right Handed

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