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F-2 Friseurschere – Schwarz

Size: 5.0"
Handle: Right Handed
Model: New

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F 2 Black Hairdressing Scissors

The F-2 hairdressing scissors have taken the hairdressing and barbering industry by storm, becoming one of the worlds most iconic and recognisable designs.

What separates the F-2 from the rest is it's unique blade shape and the way it perfectly balances the weight from tip to handle providing total control for a seamless cutting experience.

The F-2 became synonymous with creativity and cutting versatility, which is why hundreds of hairdressers and barbers worldwide love it so much - scroll down to find your size.


• 5.0 (50g) is light-weight with a 4.7cm length blade.
• 5.5 (54g) is medium-weight with a 5.7cm length blade.
• 6.0 (57g) is medium-weight with a 6.7cm length blade.
• 6.5 (60g) is medium-weight with a 7.7cm length blade.

The F-2B's finger and thumb rings are made to fit all hands.

F 2 Hairdressing Scissors in black

What size should you choose?

  • 5.0 - Precision | Wet Cutting

The 5.0 features a super slim pointed blade, making it the ultimate precision scissor, perfect for hairdressers and barbers that do a lot of cutting against skin, refining, chipping and point cutting.

  • 5.5 - All-round | Wet & Dry Cutting

The 5.5 features a slightly weighted slim pointed blade, perfect for hairdressers and barbers that do a lot of precision cutting, blunt cutting, refining, pointing and slide cutting.

  • 6.0 - All-round | Wet & Dry Cutting.

The 6.0 features a pointed wider blade shape, perfect for hairdressers and barbers looking for a scissor for all-round cutting including blunt cutting, refining, pointing, scissor over comb, slide cutting and free-hand.

  • 6.5 - All-round | Wet & Dry Cutting.

The 6.5 features a long weightier pointed blade and is perfect for techniques that benefit from a longer blade including baselines, deep point, slide, slicing and scissor over comb techniques.

*Best selling F-2 size for barbers is the 6.0 and for hairdressers it is the 5.5.

F 2 Hairdressing Scissors blade on white

Handmade from Japanese Cobalt steel providing sharpness, strength and durability.

Semi Convex Japanese edge honed from Japanese Cobalt steel.

Ergonomic offset handle provides you with comfort, control and protection against strain injuries.

Flat UFO screw establishes perfect balance and provides velvety smooth cutting.

• 3D Thumb design supports a wide variety of grip and hand positions while increasing freedom of angle transition and movement.

Black titanium coating.

Not sure what size to choose?

• 88% of hairdressers looking for an all-round size felt that the 5.5 and 6.0 sizes matched their needs the best. When looking for a precision scissor 93% chose the 5.0.

• 81% of barbers looking for an all-round size felt that the 6.0 and 6.5 sizes matched their needs the best. When looking for a precision scissor 43% preferred the 5.5 and 57% preffered the 5.0.

F 2 Hairdressing Scissors

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