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XT-8B CNP Effilierschere

Size: 6.0"
Handle: Right Handed
Model: New

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Amazing performance. Amazing price.

Each certified near perfect hair scissors are brand new and perform exactly the same as a full price F-2 Black Edition model, the only difference being is they have very minor and barely noticeable aesthetic blemishes that has no impact on performance.

Learn more about these amazing hair scissors/shears by clicking below.

Don't miss out!

Get yours before they're gone.

At an amazing £100 off full price and with limited pieces available they won't be around for long.

Don't miss out on a chance to own the world famous and globally loved Akito F-2 hairdressing and barber scissors at a truly unmissable price.

F-2 Black Edition certified near perfect on white

What should I expect?

We have included image examples so you can see what type of minor blemishes to expect.

*Only one blemish per scissor.There will only be one blemish per scissor and in most cases they are barely noticeable.

What's included?

Your F-2 Black Edition certified near perfect Akito Scissor includes all the extras and benefits of a full price model.