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We make high performance professional hair scissors through masterful craftsmanship, innovative design, precision engineering and premium grade Japanese steels.

Professional Japanese hair shear

Made by the best to be the best.

Crafting premier quality and best professional hair scissors is similar to making luxury watches or high performance vehicles in that they require the highest level of engineering and craftsmanship in order to make highest quality product.

With that in mind, we have meticulously assembled a team of specialist master craftsmen and engineers to ensure each Akito professional shears crafted with scrupulous attention to detail to ensure each piece provides you with the ultimate cutting experience.

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Handmade from the highest grade Japanese steels.

When it comes to steel alchemy it is no secret that the Japanese are in a league of their own. Their extensive history and constant pursuit of perfection has made them masters at producing superior quality steels - a specialist art-form for which they are globally famed and celebrated.

The highest grades of these steels such as VG10 or ATS-314 possess extraordinary properties which provide Akito professional Japanese hair shears with their exceptional qualities. These qualities include supreme sharpness, exceptional strength, supreme power and durability all which separate Akito Scissors from the rest.

Best professional Japanese hair shears

Created to be better, for you and for the planet.

We created Akito because we were tired of brands overcharging and underdelivering, instead we focused on making the highest quality and best professional shears, to sell them at the best possible price and to do so in the most environmentally focused way possible, and that's exactly what we did.

Great things take time.

Rome wasn't built in a day neither are Akito Scissors.

From developing the initial concepts to designing handles to engineering the blades to expertly honing the supremely sharp cutting edges to engraving the authenticity numbers to our rigorous post-production testing, a total of one-hundred and fifty different manufacturing processes go into making each pair of Akito Scissors.

We take the time to do things correctly without compromise in our pursuit for perfection every step of the way because great things do in-fact take time.

Akito Japanese Steel Professional Hair Scissors

Our Journey in Numbers

Designed with your career in mind.

With 2 in every 3 hairdressers and barbers suffering from at least one severe work related injury at some stage in their career it's statistically highly likely that you will too. There are many factors contribute to these injuries from the constant use of your hands, elbows, shoulders and back to being on your feet all day every day. However, of all these causes non have a more detrimental impact than restrictive and poorly designed professional scissors handles which lead to severe injuries such as RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis.

With that in mind we decided to do something about it, we made it our mission to ensure that each and every Akito Scissor is designed to the highest level of ergonomics. To guarantee that they are, we have hand, body and posture specialists working with our designers to not only ensure they provide you with protection against these injuries but provide you with unequalled levels of comfort, control and performance.

You are changing lives.

5% of the profits from your Akito Scissors purchases go directly towards supporting life changing causes.