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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Akito Scissor Service is run on an appointment system and is structured to ensure that you(our customer) spends the least time possible without your pride & joy. Therefore Click Here, fill out the form and we will be in touch as soon as possible with How and When to send your scissors to us for sharpening.

* We only service scissors that are Akito or under the Akito brand, these include: Akito, Freedom, Spirit and Icon.

* Have you tried Scissor Care? before sending your Akito Scissor to us for Sharpening/Servicing please first try Scissor Care this procedure rejuvenates your Scissor and in most cases brings them back to full working order.

About our Akito Sharpening/Servicing: The Akito Scissor Service is a complete ten point procedure that takes approximately one hour per scissor; during this process every aspect of the Scissor is thoroughly checked, tested and cleaned. Our experts then begin working upon any anomaly that the testing process may have revealed, the scissor is then honed and returned to their sharpest and optimal performance level.

    *Included in the price of the Akito Scissor Service is a complementary Care Kit (UK only) and the return postage within the UK which is sent via 1st Class Signed For - Royal Mail.

    Lifetime Warranty

    All Akito Scissors are Hand-Crafted, Ergonomically Designed and Precision Engineered to the highest standard by some of the world’s finest Scissor-Smiths providing you complete reliability and fantastic cutting performance throughout their lifetime.

    To ensure your scissors continue to perform at their optimum level they require a little maintenance once a week, please see Scissor Care  as it will take you step by step in the maintenance process.

    • ​Our warranty certifies that each Akito Scissor has a lifetime guarantee from any manufacturing defects.

    • Any defects or missing parts caused by users abuse or carelessness can be repaired or replaced at the users cost.

    • If scissors are serviced/sharpened by anyone other than an Akito certified service centre this warranty is void. ​

     Return policy

    We like to keep things simple and as easy for our customers as possible as their satisfaction is our highest priority and we pride ourselves on the Service we offer.

    We understand that choosing new scissors can be difficult and sometimes they may not feel as comfortable as hoped, either not suiting your hand or cutting style; which is why we have a Return Policy that protects both you the Customer and us Akito Scissors.

    We offer our customers a 14 Day Acclimatisation Period ensures you are fully satisfied with your decision and gives you time to trial & test the Scissors performance. During the 14 Day Acclimatisation Period you must notify us if you desire to return your purchase and you will then have a 3 Day Period within which to return the product. Once you dispatch the product you need to notify us by email confirming when it has been sent and the tracking information related to the order.

    • All shipment charges on Returned products are at the expense of the customer, not Akito Scissors.

    • Once we receive the returned order, we will notify you immediately; check and assess the condition in which we have received the returned order.

    • Refunds: We meticulously prepare, check and test our products before we send them to our customers; giving us full confidence in the immaculate condition that you receive the product in. We therefore have requirements in place if you wish to receive a Full Refund: in order to qualify for a Full Refund you must return the Item exactly as it was received, completely new, in its original packaging with proof of purchase and not one single bit of damage.

    * In the case that the above requirements are not met then we will not be able to offer a Full Refund; this means that there is damage of some sort on the Scissor. If the damage to the Scissor is preventing it from cutting or performing optimally, we will then attempt to rectify, returning them to working order which in some cases, depending on the type of the damage (cosmetic or blade) , maybe  impossible. Once this process has been optimally concluded we will then return the product to the customer with no refund.  

    *Shipping & Delivery*

    We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers and therefore, unlike other brands, don't want you (the customer) to front the full cost of the shipping of your order. We therefore charge a contribution towards the shipping costs relating to your order but not the full cost, meaning that we share the cost with you. Once your parcel has been dispatched we will send you an email with the relating tracking information so you can track it every step of the way.

    United Kingdom: We offer Free Shipping on orders over £50 within the United Kingdom.

    - Standard Delivery 3-5 Working Days: £3.95 - All Orders £0 - £49.99.

    - 1st Class Royal Mail 1-2 Working Days: £4.95 - All Orders £0 - £49.99.

    - 1st Class Royal Mail 1-2 Working Days: Free on All Orders Over £50.00.

    Republic of Ireland: We offer Free Shipping on orders over £100; all orders are sent via Third Party Courier.

    - Third Party Courier: £12.50 - All Orders £0 - £99.99.

    Third Party CourierFree on All Orders Over £100.00.

    Europe: We offer Free Shipping on orders over £150; all orders are sent via Third Party Courier.

    - Third Party Courier: £20.00 - All Orders £0 - £99.99.

    - Third Party Courier: £10.00 - All Orders £100 - £149.99.

    Third Party CourierFree on All Orders Over £150.00.

    Rest of the World: We offer Free Shipping on orders over £150 sent to countries outside of the European Union, which are sent via Third Party Courier.

    - Third Party Courier: £25.00 - All Orders £0 - £99.99.

    - Third Party Courier: £15.00 - All Orders £100 - £149.99.

    Third Party CourierFree on All Orders Over £150.00.

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