Scissor Sharpening & Servicing

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Akito Scissor Service is run on an appointment system and is structured to ensure that you (our customer) spends the least time possible without your pride & joy. Therefore Click Here, fill out the form and we will be in touch as soon as possible with How and When to send your scissors to us for sharpening.

* We only service scissors that are Akito or under the Akito brand, these include: Akito, Freedom, Spirit and Icon.

* Have you tried Scissor Care? before sending your Akito Scissor to us for Sharpening/Servicing please first try Scissor Care this procedure rejuvenates your Scissor and in most cases brings them back to full working order.

About our Akito Sharpening/Servicing: The Akito Scissor Service is a complete ten point procedure that takes approximately one hour per scissor; during this process every aspect of the Scissor is thoroughly checked, tested and cleaned. Our experts then begin working upon any anomaly that the testing process may have revealed, the scissor is then honed and returned to their sharpest and optimal performance level.

    *Included in the price of the Akito Scissor Service is a complementary Scissor Care and Maintenance Kit (UK Only due to Shipping restrictions).