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Hair Cutting Scissors

Shop hair cutting scissors at Akito Scissors, choose from a wide selection of designs, sizes and colours, all ergonomically designed and made from high performance Japanese steels.

AK Z-1 Master Hairdressing Scissors $173.565,00 24 reviews
Kasai X Hair Cutting Scissors $173.565,00 12 reviews
Kasai Professional Hair Scissors $173.565,00 7 reviews
F-2 Hairdressing Scissors - Black $130.065,00 94 reviews
AK TXSF Thinning Scissors $130.065,00 6 reviews
AK SHATTER Texturising Scissors $130.065,00 5 reviews
AK TNCSR Thinning Scissors $130.065,00 11 reviews
F-2 Hairdressing Scissors - Silver $130.065,00 118 reviews
Evolve Hairdresser Scissor $121.365,00 $130.065,00
Misaki Hair Cutting Scissors $86.565,00 12 reviews
X-8 Hair Scissors $110.490,00 $130.065,00
TX02 CNP Thinning Scissors $110.490,00 $130.065,00
X-5 CNP Barber Scissors $110.490,00 $130.065,00
XT-8B CNP Thinning Scissors $108.315,00 $130.065,00
XX04 CNP Hair Cutting Scissors $130.065,00 $151.815,00
Hair cutting scissors

Tijeras para cortar cabello - Akito Scissors Argentina

Compra tijeras para cortar cabello en Argentina en Akito Scissors Argentina. Elige entre una amplia selección de diseños, tamaños y colores, todos hechos a mano con los mejores aceros japoneses.

Sus Akito Scissors llegarán a Argentina en un plazo de 3 a 5 días con envío gratuito, devoluciones gratuitas y garantía de por vida.


Use code AKITO25 at checkout to receive a 25% discount on all your Akito Scissors, the 25% discount will apply to all your products and eliminate any potential import charges.

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1. Copy code. Copy AKITO25 then choose your Akito Scissors whether one or multiple, add your products to cart.

2. Use code. Continue to checkout and paste AKITO25 into the discount code box and press apply - your order is now discounted.

3. Complete your purchase. Press complete order after filling in your details. We will send your order to you as soon as possible arriving in 2 to 5 days.

4. After that you may be contacted by customs to pay import charges of between 5 to 20% depending on your location.