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Environmentally Focussed

At Akito Scissors, we are committed to revolutionising the hairdressing and barbering industry with a business model that prioritises sustainability, efficiency and cost.

Our approach focuses on being efficient, lean, streamlined, economical and environmentally focussed. To achieve our goal we have eliminated all third parties and processes from our supply chain: middlemen, distributors, sales reps additional shipments, extra packaging, warehousing, etc.

Our streamlined and efficient business model not only benefits our customers with a considerably lower price than our competitors but also contributes to a greener, more eco-friendly world by eliminating waste and considerably lowering emissions.

1. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Tens of thousands of road and air miles saved.

By cutting out the intermediaries in the supply chain, we reduce the need for additional transportation and logistics. This means fewer shipments and less fuel consumption, leading to a substancial decrease in the carbon footprint associated with our product distribution.

2. Less Packaging

Less Paper. Less Cardboard. Less Plastics.

Fewer intermediaries mean less need for packaging, and distribution resources, resulting in reduced waste generation and a more efficient use of materials. Our streamlined supply chain helps minimise plastic, paper and cardboard waste.

3. Products that last.

Our focus on quality ensures that our products have a far longer lifespan than other brands. This reduces the need for frequent replacements and the associated environmental impact of manufacturing new scissors.

4. Tailored production.

No mass manufacture.

With direct sales to customers, Akito Scissors can better match their production levels with actual demand. This reduces overproduction, which can lead to excess inventory and waste.

Committed to a green future

In conclusion, our business model at Akito Scissors not only provides cost savings to our customers but also aligns with our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Through reduced carbon emissions, efficient resource utilisation, lower energy consumption, decreased waste generation, and our influence on industry practices, we are actively contributing to a greener future.

Our dedication to eco-friendly practices reflects the global awareness of the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Together, we can make a significant difference in building a more sustainable world.