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Care and Maintenance Kit

Isopropyl Alcohol.

The Akito Scissor Spray completely removes residue with ease whilst it thoroughly cleans and sanitises your scissors.

The spray is far safer for your scissors than Barbicide which is acid based liquid that can damage and have a chemical reaction with your Akito Scissors. We recommend not using Barbicide under any circumstance for cleaning your scissors.

Cleaning spray Isopropyl alcohol

Oil pen.

One of the most important procedures to keep your Akito Scissors performing perfectly and sharp as long as possible is to oil them a couple of times a week. This helps remove impurities from the tension area whilst supporting smooth and frictionless cutting helping keep your scissors sharper for longer.

shears lubricating oil

Universal tension adjuster key.

Keeping your Akito Scissors correctly tensioned has huge impact on the longevity and performance of your scissors.

If they are too tight they will grind become blunt quicker whilst causing you hand injuries and if they are too loose they will lose their cutting qualities and fold the hair which is why tension is so important.

With the Universal tension adjuster key you can tension any scissor to ensure you get maximum.

Akito Universal tension adjuster key

Leather chamois.

The premium leather chamois further removes any remaining impurities whilst polishing and resharpening the cutting edge.


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