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Katana Professional Hair Scissors

Size: 6.0"
Handle: Right Handed
Model: New

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Katana Professional Hair Scissors blade

The Katana features a precision engineered knife blade design, characterised by possessing a precision tip and a svelte elongated blade design that is perfect for all your cutting needs.

By virtue of these characteristics the Katana supports a wide variety of cutting techniques including precision cutting, point cutting, free hand, scissor over comb, slicing, chopping and slide cutting making it a true all round performer.

The Katana performs perfectly on long and short hair meaning it can be used for both hairdressing and barbering. Scroll down to find your size.

5.5 (48g) is medium-weight with a 5.5cm length blade.

6.0 (53g) is medium-weight with a 6.5cm length blade.

The Katana's finger and thumb rings are made to fit all hands.

Katana Professional Hair Scissors side angle

What size should I choose?

5.5 - All-round | Wet & Dry Cutting

The 5.5's pointed shape makes it perfect for up close precision cutting on fringes or against the skin.

The medium width knife-blade design makes it perfect for blunt cutting, refining, pointing, chipping, slide, slice and scissor over comb cutting techniques.

6.0 - All-round | Wet & Dry Cutting

The 6.0's has slightly wider dimensions than the 5.5 making it better for slicing and sliding while slightly less for up close precision cutting due to its increased width and length.

The 6.0 perfectly performs blunt cutting, pointing, slide, slice and scissor over comb cutting techniques.

The Katana is most popular among hairdressers with 65% of sales being to hairdressers compared to 35% to barbers.

Katana Scissors side angle blade

• Handmade from VG10 Japanese steel provides exceptional sharpness, durability and longevity.

• 100% Japanese Convex edge makes cutting feel effortless and smooth.

• Sculpted Ergonomic Offset handle provides you with comfort, control and protection against injuries.

• The Gen. 3 ball bearing adjustable tension system eliminates tension and pressure build up in your hands.

• 3D Thumb design supports a wide variety of grip, hand positions and increased freedom of movement.

International Customers

For customers outside of the United Kingdom we provide you with discount codes to use at checkout to counteract any potential import duties.

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