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Akito Scissors Japanese Hairdressing Scissors
Japanese Hairdressing Scissors by Akito Scissors
Japanese Hair Shears

Crea tu set para tu estilo

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Crea un juego que combine con tu estilo de corte con kits de corte personalizables. Diseñe cualquier combinación de tijeras Akito que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades y disfrute de ahorros excepcionales.

Why choose Akito Scissors?

We are an award-winning brand that make the highest quality scissors at the best possible price in the most environmental way possible.

Japanese steel hairdressing scissors

Handmade to the highest levels of design, performance and ergonomics from premium grade Japanese steels.

Why choose Akito Scissors

3000 +

Happy Customers

Akito Scissors are loved by thousands of hairdressers and barbers worldwide.

40 +

Loved Globally

We have sold to over forty countries worldwide and continue to grow every day.

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Social Media Followers

The brand of choice for thousands of hair stylists worldwide.