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Actitud Zurdo Tijeras para el cabello

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Size: 6.0"
Handle: Left Handed

Made for left handed hairdressers and barbers. The Attitude left handed hair scissors feature a tapered blade design that possesses increased depth, allowing for the blade to be slimmer and the tip to be pointier without losing weight or power.

The Attitude dimensions help it excel in all techniques from precision to power cutting, such as point cutting, scissor over comb, slide cutting, slicing and baselines.

6.0 (59g) is medium-weight with a 6.4cm length blade

The Attitude's finger and thumb rings are made to fit all hands.

Attitude left handed hairdressing scissors side

• Handmade from 440c Japanese steel.

• 100% Japanese Convex edge honed from 440c Japanese steel.

•  Ergonomic Offset handle provides comfort, control and protection against injuries.

• The raised finger adjustable tension screw provides balance and smoother cutting.

• 3D Thumb design supports a wide variety of grip and hand positions.

Attitude left handed hairdressing scissors side close up

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