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Tijeras de entresacar AK TNCSR

Size: 6.0"
Handle: Right Handed

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AK TNCSR thinning scissors

The AK TNCSR thinning scissors are one of the best and most popular scissors we've ever made, perfect for both hairdressers and barbers.

The AK TNCSR thinning scissors 30 curved convex teeth removes 15% of hair weight without leaving any cut lines. The blade in-front of tooth design makes it perfect for cutting long and short hair.

From softening baselines, redistributing and diffusing weight, blending lines and adding volumizing structure, the AK TNCSR thinning scissors can do it all.


6.0 (61g) is medium-weight with a 6.7cm length blade.

The AK TNCSR's finger and thumb rings are made to fit all hands.

AK TNCSR thinning scissors teeth angled

Why choose the AK TNCSR?

The wide variety of effects it can produce and techniques it can perform have made it one of the most popular designs we've ever made, perfect for both hairdressers and barbers.

The AK TNCSR is one of our best selling scissors to both hairdressers and barbers.

AK TNCSR thinning scissors close up

• VG10 Japanese steel. Handmade from VG10 Japanese steel providing exceptional sharpness, durability and longevity.

• 100% Japanese Convex edge. Hand honed from VG10 makes cutting feel effortless and smooth.

• Ergonomic Offset handle. The Ergo X offset handle provides you with ultimate comfort, control and protection against injuries.

Ball Bearing tension system. The Gen. 5 ball bearing tension system eliminates tension and pressure build up.

3D thumb design. The thumb design provides freedom of movement and supports a wide variety of grip positions.

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