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Causes que nous soutenons

Depuis notre lancement en 2016, nous nous sommes donné pour mission d'utiliser notre plateforme pour aider les personnes vivant dans des situations vulnérables, celles vivant dans l'extrême pauvreté ou les victimes de trafic sexuel dans certaines des zones les plus défavorisées du monde

Afin d'avoir le plus grand impact possible, nous avons décidé d'utiliser les bénéfices de vos achats pour aider directement des associations caritatives de coiffure et de barbier basées sur l'éducation qui offrent un soutien qui change la vie de ces personnes et de leurs familles.

Les bénéfices de vos achats financent des équipements de haute qualité à utiliser avec l'incroyable formation à la coupe dispensée par ces associations caritatives pour aider à offrir des opportunités qui changent la vie. Cette formation ainsi que les dons financés par vos achats donnent à ces personnes les bases nécessaires pour trouver un emploi et une vie meilleure pour elles-mêmes et leur famille.

Mumbai Hair Project.

The Mumbai Hair Project (with Oasis India) is an amazing organisation that provides hairdressing training to victims of human trafficking and forced labour in Mumbai.

With the support and expertise of the Oasis India staff the mission is to provide support to women and girls through hairdressing education with a pathway to rehabilitation in to society and full time employment. 

Your Akito Scissors purchases go directly towards funding equipment for all the students which includes full professional hairdressing kits: cutting, thinning, care kits, gowns, clips and feather razors. This equipment provides the students with the tools they need to craft a new and improved life by helpings these women and girls support themselves financially.

Akito Scissors Mumbai hair project donations

Hair Aid Inc.

Hair Aid Inc. is a non-profit Australian organisation that operates all across the globe to create change and make a difference to people living in poverty by teaching them the skill of hair cutting. Once the students have been trained they can then begin their career paths in hairdressing by starting their own micro business, supporting their families and cutting hair within their communities.

Together we provide the Hair Aid Inc. students with professional hairdressing kits that include scissors, care kits, hair sectioning clips and kit bags to help them support themselves and their families.

Akito Scissors Hair Aid donations

Artecorte Community Project.

The Artecorte Community Project founded by Gilberto “Papito” Valladares in 1999 is a nonprofit organisation that offer free hairdressing and barbering education to unemployed young adults in order to help them support themselves financially with a career within hair cutting.

How your purchases help. In 2017 our team made a dedicated trip to Cuba to provide education and hairdressing supplies include scissors, gowns, care kits, sectioning clips, kit bags and more to all the Artecorte Community Project students.

In 2019 Charlotte Roberts made a trip to Cuba providing the Arte Community Project students with education and delivering more Akito hairdressing kits.

Akito Scissors Artecorte Community donations

CIVS Kenya.

The Centre For International Voluntary Service is a community development agency operating especially in the marginalised and poverty-stricken rural areas of Kenya. The volunteers of this organisation teach skills, in this case hairdressing and barbering to help the attendees craft a better life by supporting themselves financially.

Together we provide the students at CIVS Kenya with professional hairdressing kits that include scissors, care kits, hair sectioning clips and kit bags. These donations are vital for the development of the CIVS Kenya students, as it provides them with the tools necessary to prosper in their careers in order to support themselves and their families financially.

Akito Scissors and CIVS Kenya donations


Haircut4Homeless is an incredible organisation that offers to homeless people all across the UK and Ireland to help build higher self esteem and happiness, Haircuts4Homeless to learn more.

We have been huge supporters of Haircuts4Homeless for a very long time and continue to do so by providing equipment and support to all the operational hubs all across the country.

Haircut4Homeless and Akito Scissors donations

The Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust is an incredible organisation that provides real-hair wigs to children and young people suffering from hair loss whilst also funding research in to childhood cancers.

The 5% profit donations have gone towards providing the Little Princess Trust with prize bundles to help raise money through auctions and competitions. 

The Hair and Beauty Charity

The Hair and Beauty Charity offer financial support to individuals and their families facing difficult times due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, bereavement and financial hardship.

Together we have provided the hair and beauty charity with scissors and prize bundles to help raise money through auctions and competitions.