Scissor Care


All Akito scissors are engineered to the highest standard of precision.

Here are our recommended care instructions for your Akito scissor to help ensure complete reliability and fantastic cutting performance throughout its lifetime;

  1. Use of an alcohol based cleaning liquid.
  • Many hair products on the market contain non-water soluble ingredients.
  • This can cause a build up of residue on your scissors leading to diminished cutting performance.
  • Soap & water does not remove these products.
  • To remove the built up of residue from your scissors it is necessary to clean the blades with Isopropyl alcohol.
  • Simply add some to a paper towel and wipe blades carefully and thoroughly.
  • The alcohol will also sanitise the scissor.
  • Do Not Use Barbicide to clean and sanitise your scissors.

Please note: Incorrect scissor tension can lead to RSI (Repetitive strain injuries) diminish the scissors performance and damage to the cutting edge.

  • Isopropyl alcohol is a flammable liquid and should be stored away from heat sources.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with skin.
  • Do not swallow or inhale.
  1. Using a Chamois
  • Place the chamois flat in the palm of the hand.
  • Wipe the outside of the blade with the chamois.
  • Wipe the inside of the blade  with the chamois.
  • This procedure polishes the whole of the cutting edge.
  • The action is similar to stropping a razor. Be careful not to cut yourself or the chamois.
  • ​Take extra care whilst using the chamois to not cut yourself.
  1. Oiling Scissors
  • It is very important to oil your scissors everyday.
  • Oiling keeps the scissor clean by leading hair and dirt backwards, past the screw.
  • Open the scissor completely and drop oil between the blades on both sides of the screw area.
  • Store Camellia oil away from direct sunlight.
  1. To adjust scissor tension
  • Hold scissor by the thumb ring, with the scissor tips pointing straight up in the air in a 12 O’clock position.
  • With your other hand take the finger ring and open the scissor blades so that the blades are open 35-45 degrees. Now let go of the finger ring so the scissor closes by itself.
  • There should be a gap between the two tips of approximately 1cm-2cm.
  • If the tips come together the scissor is too loose and need a little tightening until adjusted correctly.
  • If the tips are too far from each other loosen the scissor until adjusted correctly.