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F-2 Black Hair Scissors on slate

Black Scissors

Shop the Black Titanium Series and take your cutting to the next level, a collection that includes some of our most popular and loved designs such as the iconic F-2 black shears. All of Akito's black scissors are all handcrafted from high performance premium grade Japanese steels with precision designed blades for all round hairdressing and barbering cutting and ergonomically designed handles for total hand comfort.

X-5 £199 - £299
XT5 - 32V | 25% £149 - £1,449
X-8 £199 £279
XT-1B - 23V | 20% £179 - £199
Hawk - CNP £179 £229
Chi - Lefty £149 - £199
XT-8B - 30T | 30% £149 - £199

Akito | Titanium Black Shears.

Shop our selection of aesthetically stunning and beautiful premier performance black titanium professional black hairdressing scissors and black barber scissors.

The Akito black hair cutting scissors collection are available for both left handed and right handed hair artists including some of our most loved and iconic hairdressing shears and barber shears.

Professional Black Hairdressing Scissors

Titanium Finish | Black Hair Scissors

When it comes to black hairdressing shears and black barber shears there are non quite like the Akito black titanium collection with each model being precision designed to provide you with the ultimate performance.

Akito Black Titanium shears are available at a variety of price points for both left handers and right handers we know you will love our black hair shears.

X-8 black hair cutting shears

Black Titanium | Texturizing & Thinning.

The Black Titanium Collection include some of the most advanced and best performing thinning and texturizing scissors on the market, supporting a wide variety of cutting techniques from blending to texturising and thinning.

The New Black | Akito Titanium

Some of Akito's most popular and iconic models include the F-2 and X-5 matte black hairdressing scissors due to their stunning desgin and performance.

The X-5 black barber scissors are a true powerhouse of cutting thanks to its heavy weight-balance ratio making it glide through all hair types with seamless ease. Excelling at all cutting techniques on both long and short hair making it perfect for both hairdressing and barbering.

The F-2 black hairdressing shears are one of our most popular designs ever by virtue of its unique design, weight and dimensions that provide versatile and complete hair cutting. The F-2's unique design and shape make it the perfect tool for advanced hair cutting techniques including precision cutting, scissor over comb, slicing, chopping and slide cutting.

F-2 Black Hair Cutting Scissor

Designed with comfort in mind.

The Akito black hair shears collection are all designed with ergonomic offset handles that are specifically designed with the human hand and body in mind.

Not only do these handle designs protect you from injuries such as RSI, Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis but also support a wide variety of cutting angles to provide you with total and advanced cutting performance.

Black Hair Cutting Shears on white background

Quality steels, tensions systems and more.

Akito black hair cutting shears are hand made from some of the best steels on the market today including 440C, Cobalt and Hitachi Japanese steels providing each Akito with corrosion resistance, extreme hardness, extreme toughness and heat resistance to name a few.

Flat UFO, Black Diamond, etc. the Akito black barber scissors and black hairdressing scissors feature some of our best tension systems to dater including the exceptional UFO and the Black Diamond tension systems.

These two exceptional mechanisms are vital in providing your Akito Black Scissors with their performance by evenly distributing the scissors weight throughout the entire body from tip to handle providing total equilibrium.

Black hair scissors on white

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