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Forbici da barbiere professionali Edge

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Size: 6.0"
Handle: Right Handed

The Edge professional barbering scissors feature a tapered sword blade design with increased depth and a wider blade shape with pointed tips, perfect for heavy-duty cutting.

These dimensions make it a versatile tool for a wide range of cutting techniques, including power cuts like point cutting, scissor over comb, slide cutting, slicing, and creating baselines.

6.0 (60g) is medium-weight with a 6.5cm length blade

The Edge's finger and thumb rings are made to fit all hands.

Edge barbering scissors

Why choose the Edge?

The Edge's heavier sword blade with medium width tips, is perfect for heavy duty cutting. The extra weight in the blade provides power and blade momentum in the cutting action which is beneficial for ease of use with slide, slice, scissor over comb and dry cutting techniques.

The Edge is popular among barbers for general every-day cutting and for hairdressers that do a lot of long hair and slicing and sliding.

• Handmade from Hitachi Japanese steel.

• 100% Japanese Convex edge honed from Hitachi Japanese steel.

• Sculpted Ergonomic Offset handle provides you with comfort, control and protection against injuries including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis.

• The black diamond raised finger adjustable ball bearing tension system eliminates tension and pressure build up in your hands making cutting feel effortless and smooth.

• 3D Thumb design supports a wide variety of grip and hand positions while increasing freedom of angle transition and movement.

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