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Forbici per capelli professionali Katana CNP

Size: 5.5"
Handle: Right Handed
Model: New - CNP

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Katana CNP Professional Hair Scissors

The Katana CNP professional hair scissors feature a precision engineered knife blade design, characterised by possessing a precision tip and a svelte elongated blade design that is perfect for all your cutting needs.

By virtue of these characteristics the Katana supports a wide variety of cutting techniques including precision cutting, point cutting, free hand, scissor over comb, slicing, chopping and slide cutting making it a true all round performer.

The Katana performs perfectly on long and short hair meaning it can be used for both hairdressing and barbering.

What are Certified Near Perfect scissors?

Certified near perfect (CNP) models are brand new scissors that perform exactly the same as a full price Akito Scissors. The only difference between full price and CNP is the latter have extremely small and barely noticeable aesthetic blemishes. These imperfections are purely aesthetic and bare no impact on performance whatsoever.

Why choose Certified Near Perfect?

CNP's are perfect for hairdressers and barbers that want the best quality at the best price. With CNP models you save 15% compared to full price Akito Scissors while enjoying the best possible cutting performance. There are very limited pieces available and once they're gone, they're gone - so make sure you get yours before they're sold out and gone forever.

What's in the box?