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Certified Near Perfect

Shop Certified near perfect and save up to 30%! The last chance to own these Iconic Akito Scissors designs! CNP are brand new scissors and perform exactly the same full-priced models, with the only difference being they have extremely minor barely noticeable aesthetic imperfections.

F-2B | Pro $279.00 - $379.00
F-2S | Pro $279.00 - $379.00
Kaito | Pro $249.00 - $349.00
Kasai | Master $373.00 - $479.00
Katana | Pro $299.00 - $399.00
X-5 | Pro $299.00 - $399.00
XX04 | Pro $349.00 - $449.00
TX02 / 30% | Pro $299.00 - $349.00
XT-8B / 30% | Pro $249.00 - $299.00
TX03 / 40% | Pro $299.00 - $349.00

The highest quality at the best price.

We believe that price should never impact your career or your development, which is why we made it our mission to make the highest quality scissors available to all and we did so by creating certified near perfect.

Certified near perfect professional shears are brand new and perform exactly the same as full priced models, the only difference being they have very small and barely noticeable aesthetic blemishes which bare no impact on performance whatsoever.

Your certified near perfect scissors have completed rigorous performance tests and checks to ensure they cut exactly the same as a full price model, guaranteeing only the best hair cutting performance.

Quality, guaranteed.

You will receive a brand new Akito Scissor that the only difference between a full price Akito Scissor and a certified near perfectmodel is the latter has very minor barely noticeable aesthetic blemishes.

We have total confidence in certified near perfect products which is why we provide them with the same amazing benefits as full price models including Lifetime Warranty, 14-day Money Back Guarantee, Free Worldwide Shipping and Free Exchanges.

Certified near perfect models include the same extras as full priced Akito Scissors, these extras are a brand-new box, a care and maintenance kit, hair sectioning clips, leather scissors pouch and finger inserts.

Get yours before they're gone.

Certified near perfect models are only available for designs that are no longer available at full price meaning this is your last chance to own these iconic hair scissors and shears. There is also very few pieces available so make sure you get yours whilst stock last.

Certified near perfect - FAQs

Yes they are! Certified near perfect scissors are brand new, have never been used and perform exactly the same as a full priced brand new model.

You save up to £100 / 30% with certified near perfect models making them a great alternative for hairdressers and barbers that want the best cutting performance without the price tag.

You will receive all the extras of a brand new model - an Akito Scissor box, care & maintenance kit, hair sectioning clips, leather hair scissors pouch and finger inserts(to adjust finger hole to your prefered size).

Yes they are! All certified near perfect models are covered with lifetime warranty against performance defects and free parts replacement.

Of course! You have a full 14 days from when your order arrives to decide whether to keep, return or exchange your certified near perfect scissors for another design or brand new model.

Lifetime Warranty

Your certified near perfect scissors are covered against manufacturer defects and parts replacement.

Free Worldwide Delivery

Worldwide shipping on all certified near perfect scissors free on orders above £49 UK / £149 Ireland / £199 Europe & Rest of the World.

Free Exchanges, Easy Returns

Risk-free shopping with 14 day money back guarantee on all certified near perfect scissors.

14-Day Guarantee

Enjoy risk-free shopping with 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.