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Thinning Scissors and Texturising Scissors
Thinning Scissors and Texturising Scissors

Thinning Scissors & Texturising Scissors

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Akito Thinning Scissors and Texturising Scissors

What are thinning scissors?

Thinning scissors are essential for hairdressers and barbers to achieve bespoke, natural-looking haircuts with ease.

They work well on thick or coarse hair and are useful for quick bulk reduction without creating a "fluffy" finish.

They can create invisible layers, diffuse long layers, and break up heavy layers or graduation. They can also blend scissor over comb techniques and produce subtle effects on fine or long hair, making them ideal for creating softness, blending different lengths and textures, and diffusing hairlines.

What are texturising scissors?

Texturizing scissors are specialist hair cutting tools designed to make our working lives easier by helping us work in a more comfortable and time efficient way and help increase our productivity. 

Using a specialist texturizer opens up your ability to create new cutting effects easily and alleviate the workload and save on the wear and tear of your regular cutting scissors.