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AK TXSF / 20% | Master

Size: 6.0
Handle: Right

  • We provide lifetime warranty on all Akito Scissors, far surpassing the warranties of other brands.

AK TXSF | Master

Experience the best, most effortless and smooth texturising and blending with the exceptional AK TXSF. 

Experience effortless and flawless hair texturizing and blending with the remarkable AK TXSF. Meet the AK TXSF, a cutting-edge hybrid hair texturizer and blender that's here to make your hairstyling effortless.

This versatile scissor is perfect for seamlessly blending short hair, redistributing weight in voluminous layers, or creating beautiful movement and curl formation.

The AK TXSF boasts 23 evenly spaced teeth, delicately removing just 15 to 20% of hair, ensuring you get the perfect blend without overdoing it. Thanks to its curved cutting blade, it softens textures beautifully, leaving no harsh lines behind.

AK TXSF Tension

Complete performance.

The AK TXSF is designed to support all your hair cutting need for both hairdressing and barbering.

Perfect for hairdressing and barbering.

Whether you're a hairdresser, barber or both, the AK TXSF will provide you with complete and total hair cutting performance.

Wet and dry.

Designed for both wet and dry hair cutting, perfect if you're a wet hair cutter, dry hair cutter or do both.

AK TXSF Side Blade

VG10 Japan

The gold standard of high performance Japanese steels.

The AK TXSF is handcrafted from the amazing VG10 Japanese steel. A steel widely regarded as the true gold standard of premier grade high performance Japanese steels.

VG10 or V-Gold 10 Japan is a bond of exceptional metals, combining the unique qualities of each one to make an ultra strong and powerful steel. These extraordinary qualities include corrosion resistance, extreme hardness, toughness and heat resistance. All combining to make the ultimate high performance scissors.

AK TXSF Open Teeth Black

100% Japanese Convex Edge

The AK TXSF features an incredibly sharp 100% Japanese Convex edge, meticulously honed to perfection by Master Craftsmen.

This 100% Japanese Convex edge effortlessly glides through hair, preventing any dragging, pulling, or grinding. It ensures a smooth cut that protects your clients' hair from split ends and damage

AK TXSF Close Up
Built to last.

VG10's corrosion resistance, extreme hardness and toughness all combine to provide your AK TXSF with extraordinary durability.

Sharper for longer.

VG10 Japan maintains the sharpness of your AK TXSF for far longer meaning it requires less frequent sharpening and saves you money.

Re-edge and re-sharpen.

VG10's extremely fine granular structure makes it easier to sharpen, repair, and re-edge in case they are dropped or damaged.

AK TXSF Open Teeth

Sculpted Ergo X Offset Handle

A game-changer in ergonomic innovation and design, the Ergo X provides total comfort, control, and protection against injuries.

Total comfort and control.

The Ergo X sculpted shape and 3D design provides you with ultimate comfort and total control.

Advanced cutting.

The Ergo X is made to support a wide variety of grip and hand positions making it perfect for advanced techniques and precision cutting.

Protection against injuries.

Designed to protect your hands from career-threatening injuries with its offset design.

AK TXSF Handle

Gen. 5 Ball Bearing Tension System

The Gen. 5 ball bearing tension system is our most advanced mechanism to date. Providing exceptional balance, smoothness and protection against injuries.

Super smooth cutting.

Balancing and distributing the weight of the AK TXSF the Gen. 5 provides you with an effortlessly smooth cutting experience that eliminates hand strain and fatigue.

Eliminates friction between blades.

By eliminating friction between the blades the Gen. 5 protects the edges of your AK TXSF from damage and keeps them sharper for longer.

Protects you against Carpal Tunnel and RSI.

Designed with safety in mind, the Gen. 5 eliminates tension build up in your hand and wrist, protecting you against severe injuries such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel syndrome.


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