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Hair Cutting Scissors

Discover Hair Cutting Scissors online at Akito Scissors! Shop our wide range of designs, sizes, colours and much more all made from the best Japanese steels. 

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Takara | Pro $379.00
Kasai | Master $373.00 - $479.00
F-2B | Pro $279.00 - $379.00
Katana | Pro $299.00 - $399.00
F-2S | Pro $279.00 - $379.00
Kaito | Pro $249.00 - $349.00
X-5 | Pro $299.00 - $399.00
XX04 | Pro $349.00 - $449.00
TX02 / 30% | Pro $299.00 - $349.00
Misaki | Pro $299.00
TX03 / 40% | Pro $299.00 - $349.00
XT-8B / 30% | Pro $249.00 - $299.00

What are hair cutting scissors?

Hair cutting scissors are specialised types of scissors used by hair professional. Cutting scissors come in a variety of designs and sizes to meet the needs of different cutting techniques like point cutting or hair types. Hair cutting shears have long blades and sharp edges to make precise cuts without causing split ends or hair damage.

There are three main types of cutting scissors which are professional hair cutting scissors which include barber scissors, hairdressing scissors and texturising and thinning scissors. Haircut scissors are the most commonly used daily by hair stylists to cut hair. Thinning and texturising scissors support a wide range cutting needs. They are mainly made thin out, to blend and layer different lengths of hair.

It is no secret haircut scissors are the most important tools in the career of a hair stylist and barber. Which is why it is essential to choose the right pair when you buy hair cutting scissors. We recommend investing in a high quality pair of scissors, made from Japanese steels, with sharp edges and ergonomic handle that reduces hand fatigue.

Professional hair cutting shears

Choose the perfect professional hair cutting scissors.

Buying new professional hair cutting scissors for cutting hair can be very overwhelming, whether you’re deciding on what are the best different types of scissors for cutting hair, what blade designs suit your style the most or what sizes and handles feel most comfortable -  the options can feel endless. 

With that in mind we have it broken down into three main factors to help you find the best scissors for cutting hair for your cutting needs, these are Size, Handles and Series.

Professional Japanese steel hair cutting scissors

Why is hair cutting shears size important?

Deciding upon the size of your hair cutting scissors can be very challenging - we find that most hairdressers and barbers have a tendency to gravitate towards the size of scissors they received in their student kits when they were trainee hairdressers or barbers.

However, in most cases upon trialling and testing other sizes they find that the size they were accustomed to using was no longer the most comfortable.

When it comes to professional haircutting shears size is extremely important to choose correctly as if they are too big or too small it can lead to feeling a lack of control over their scissors causing discomfort, overworking and adjusting which can eventually lead to repetitive strain related injuries.

Types of hair cutting scissors - by size

There are various different types of hair cutting scissors can be complicated due to the number of different sizes there are, whether you are looking for 5 inch scissors or 7 inch scissors are available in a variety of sizes, whether you're looking for.

We believe that size is a personal preference as no one size suits all, with some stylists opting for longer whilst others opt for shorter depending on their style of cutting or in some cases how they were trained.

However, aside from personal preference some sizes do suit certain cutting styles or perform hair cutting techniques better than others and we have categorised them by what they are best used for into PrecisionAll-round and Power.

Katana Professional hair cutting scissors

What professional hair cutting scissors size do we recommend?

If you are looking for your everyday go-to professional hair cutting scissors we recommend you choose an all round pair of shears

In either 5.5 inch scissors or 6 inch scissors as these are considered mid-length sizes, lending themselves to the widest range of air cutting techniques and providing you with the most versatile performance

However, we do believe that every hairdresser and barber would benefit hugely from having at least one of each types of these professional hair cutting shears in their arsenal.

What handle should you use?

The handles of your professional haircut scissors will largely impact the experience and pleasure you feel when cutting.

We believe that handle ergonomics are the most important part of any shears, they dictate the comfort and control you feel when cutting whilst either protecting you from ( or causing ) career threatening injuries such as Carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI or wrist, back and shoulder strain.

They also play a major part in your performance and creativity, with more premium and better designed handles supporting more advanced cutting, a wider variety of angles and providing more fluid transitions between hair cutting techniques.

There are three main types hair cutting scissors handles: Straight (Opposing)Offset and Swivel - all of which we will cover below and explain which we recommend, which we don’t and why.

best hair cutting shears on white

What professional haircut shears should you choose?

We have separated our professional shears into three different ranges to make it as easy as possible for you to decide upon what scissors for hair cutting professional you should choose depending on the stage you are at in your career, your requirements and how much you are looking to spend.

The difference between each of these series predominantly comes down to the materials used to make them, the craftsmen that hand make each one, the handle / blade designs and the time each haircut scissors takes to make.

  • Master Series

The Master Series are some of the best professional hair cutting scissors in the world today, they are the pinnacle of performance and that all hairdressers and barbers aspire to use.

They are designed for complete and versatile performance which is why they feature the most advanced precision engineered designs of any professional shears whilst also being crafted from VG10 Japanese steel by the worlds best craftsmen.

  • Pro Series

The Pro Series are the perfect professional scissors for cutting hair for both hairdressers and barbers that are fully established in their careers and want a professional hair cutting scissor that will support the widest range of hair cutting techniques.

These hair cutting scissors professional Series are all made from high grade materials and feature advance designs to provide you with the performance levels required of a true industry pro.

  • 440 Series

The Akito 440 Series are the perfect choice for both hairdressers and barbers looking for their first best hair cutting shears for beginners.

Those that have recently qualified or are in the first couple of years of their career and are looking for the perfect best hair cutting shears for beginners with which to hone their talents, develop their skills and grow their clients list.

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