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Pro Series

X-5 | Pro

Size: 5.75 / Right
Color: Silver
Model: New - CNP

  • We provide lifetime warranty on all Akito Scissors, far surpassing the warranties of other brands.

Feel true power with the X-5.

The X-5 is a true powerhouse by virtue of its heavy weight-balance ratio making it glide through all hair types with seamless ease.

The X-5 excels at power based cutting techniques on both long and short hair making it the perfect hair tool.

The X-5 possesses finely rounded tips and distinctly shaped wide blades allow it to excel at all hair cutting techniques.

X-5 black and silver on white background

Hitachi Japan.

Hand crafted from Japanese Hitachi steel, providing the blades with an exceptionally sharp and durable cutting edge, helping you produce your finest and most creative work.

The X-5 is built for durability and has a lifetime of twenty-five years.

Glide through all hair types with ease with the X-5's super sharp and powerful Japanese Semi Convex edge forged from Hitachi Japan steel.

Designed for wet and dry hair cutting.

X-5 black on black background

UFO counter lock tension system.

Effortlessly smooth.

The UFO counter lock tension system provides the X-5 with perfect balance throughout the body of the scissor bearing the cutting load and making cutting feel smooth and effortless.

Sharper for longer.

Through balance the UFO system eliminates friction between the blades helping maintain their sharpness for longer.

X-5 black side angle on black background

Ergo offset handle.

Protecting you and your hands.

The X-5 is designed to protect your hands from career threatening injuries such as Tendonitis, RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Designed for advanced cutting.

The ergonomic handle design with the 3D thumb allows for a wider variety of angles and grip preferences, permitting more advanced cutting techniques .

X-5 silver on slate background

What's included with your X-5?

Lifetime Warranty

Your certified near perfect X-5 is covered with lifetime warranty / guarantee.

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Free Express Shipping

Free shipping available with your certified near perfect X-5.

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Free Returns, Free Exchanges

Enjoy Free Exchanges and Free Returns for 14 Days from the day your order arrives.

Buy without risk

You have 14 days from when your certified near perfect X-5 arrives to keep, return or exchange it.

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