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AK TNCSR / 15% | Master

Size: 6.0
Handle: Right

We believe the AK TNCSR to be the most all-round and best thinner-blender on the market and were not alone, many hairdressers and barbers believe the same. But why? What makes it so good? There are many things that make the AK TNCSR great but what truly sets it apart is its design.

The AK TNCSR features 30 curved smooth-convex teeth which provide an effortless, seamless and soft weighted 15% hair removal leaving no-cut lines. This gives you total control over how much you remove, significantly reducing the risk of over-thinning in a single cut.

The blade in front of teeth design makes it perfect for both hairdressers and barbers providing you with the widest range of blending and thinning techniques.


Handmade from VG10 Japanese steel provides your AK TNCSR with its exceptional sharpness, durability and longevity.

The Gen.5 ball bearing tension system makes cutting feel weightless, smooth and effortless.

• The Sculpted Ergo X Offset handle provides you with comfort, control and protection against injuries including RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


• 6.0 inch weight 55g and is a medium-weight scissor.

• The AK TNCSR's finger and thumb holes are made to fit all hands.

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