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Shatter boundaries and elevate your style game with AK Shatter - the ultimate tool for limitless creativity and dynamic hair styling.

Effortlessly add texture and volume with our state-of-the-art 16-tooth design, reimagining traditional texturizing techniques. Unleash your imagination and revolutionize your salon experience with AK Shatter, crafted by expert artisans for unparalleled quality and cutting performance. Order now and shatter expectations with every cut!

Master Series


Size: 6.25
Hand: Right Handed

Ordering from Europe, Asia, North & South America, Middle East, Oceania or Africa? Click Here >

Discover the key to limitless creativity and dynamic hair styling with the AK Shatter texturizing scissors.

Discover the key to limitless creativity and dynamic hair styling with the AK Shatter texturizing scissors. Our state-of-the-art tool is designed to reimagine hair texturizing, taking your salon game to the next level.

The AK Shatter is not your average texturizer or chunker shear. With its 16 wide teeth, it offers an impressive hair removal ratio of 80%, earning its title as the "Shatter Hair Scissor". Say goodbye to traditional, boring texturizing techniques and embrace a fragmentary shattered hair removal with an unmistakable impact that will make heads turn.

Don't settle for mediocrity. Upgrade your salon experience with the AK Shatter texturizing scissors and let your imagination run wild. Order now and experience the difference!

Exceptional Quality.

Crafted by our expert craftsmen, the AK Shatter is a true work of art that guarantees unparalleled quality and ultimate cutting performance. It's the perfect tool for any stylist looking to unleash their creativity and revolutionise their styling game.

Made for Hairdressers and Barbers.

You can't beat your AK Shatter when it comes to getting the most textured results possible. It's super easy and quick to add texture to short crops, long layers, and baselines, making it a great addition to any hairdressers or barbers tool kit.

Fracturing, Shattering and Texturizing.

The AK Shatter is designed to break up and shatter the outer lines of a haircut, rather than removing weight from the inner parts. The AK Shatter is the ideal solution for breaking up solid baselines and heavy layers, as well as adding super texture to short haircuts in a quick and efficient manner.

Wet and Dry.

Your AK Shatteris optimised for use on both wet and dry hair so whether you use to texturise during the wet cut stage or add texture to a dry cut, the Shatter has you covered.

Protecting your clients hair against damage.

Your AK Shatter precision engineered blade is designed to glide and slice through hair, helping you protect your clients hair against damage that other brands thinning scissors can cause.

VG10 Japan

Your AK SHATTER is crafted from premium grade VG10 ( or V-Gold 10 ), a steel globally regarded as the gold standard of high quality Japanese stainless steels and the ultimate for making the best professional scissors.

VG10 Japanese steel is a highly alloyed clad steel meaning that it is a bond of exceptional metals, combining the extraordinary qualities of each element in order to make a supremely powerful and strong steel. These metals include Carbon, Cobalt, Manganese, Molybdenum, Vanadium and Chromium all of which combine to provide your AK SHATTER with its exceptional qualities which include corrosion resistance, extreme hardness, extreme toughness and heat resistance to name a few.

Unequalled Sharpness

The AK SHATTER is an ultra sharp and powerful high performance piece of engineering, designed and manufactured by specialist craftsmen from VG10 Japan Steel to deliver the ultimate cutting edge.

61 Rockwell Hardness.

The exceptional VG10 possesses a Rockwell Hardness of 61 meaning that it can withstand extreme pressures, providing your AK SHATTER with supreme strength and extreme hardness.

Built to last.

VG10's corrosion resistance, extreme hardness and extreme toughness provide your AK SHATTER with its extraordinary durability and thirty year lifetime.

Sharper for longer.

The exceptionally strong VG10 steel maintains the super sharpness of your AK SHATTER for far longer than other cutting scissors.


VG10’s ultra-fine granular structure makes it much simpler to repair, fine-tune and re-edge than other hair cutting scissors, extending the life of your AK SHATTER for much longer.

Ergo S

Your AK SHATTER's Ergo S is one of our most advanced handle design to date. It's a marvel of ergonomics, carefully crafted to give you complete comfort, control, and protection.

Designed for comfort.

Thanks to its exceptional ergonomics your AK SHATTER’s Ergo S handle makes your everyday working life better with ultimate comfort.

Advanced angles.

The perfect handle for every angle - enjoy total control, limitless creativity and advanced cutting with the Ergo S.

Protecting you and your career.

This Ergo S has been designed, shaped, and tested to provide you with protection against career-threatening (and potentially career-ending) injuries like Tendonitis (shoulder, elbow and back), Carpal Tunnel, and RSI.

Designed with you in mind.

Ergo S's finger ring and thumb ring are designed to fit yours and all hand sizes.

Comfort and control from another dimension.

The shape of your future. The Ergo S, is expertly sculpted and shaped to support all your cutting requirements, offering the broadest range of cutting styles, angles and grip positions of any handle design to date.
From the 3D sculpted thumb to the contoured 3D finger bar and longer-length finger rest, the Ergo S is designed to give you the best, most enjoyable and most creative hair cutting scissors handle on the market.

Gen. 5

Take your cutting to the next level with true cutting luxury. Enjoy ultimate smoothness and ultimate balance with the 5th generation of ball bearing tension.

Our most innovative and best performing tension system to date. The exceptional Gen. 5 is the engine that powers your AK SHATTER. Providing maximum balance, efficiency and smoothness whilst protecting you from tension build up related injuries.

Total control.

The Gen 5 evenly supports the blades of your AK SHATTER, resulting in a cutting experience that is effortless, seamless and gives you complete control.

Protecting your investment.

The AK SHATTER's blades have an unbeatable balance that protects them from damage and keeps them sharp for longer.

Protecting you against injuries.

The Gen. 5 eliminates the build up of stress and pressure in your wrist reducing hand fatigue and protecting you against repetitive strain injuries such as Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

What's included with your AK Shatter?

Lifetime Warranty

Your AK Shatter is covered with lifetime warranty.

Free Worldwide Shipping

Your AK Shatter, your way with free express worldwide shipping.

Pay your way

Pay your way for your AK Shatter with Klarna or ClearPay.

Buy without risk

You have 14 days from when your AK Shatter arrives to keep, return or exchange it.