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AK V-1 | Master

Size: 6.0
Handle: Right

  • We provide lifetime warranty on all Akito Scissors, far surpassing the warranties of other brands.

AK V-1 | Master

Enjoy complete hair cutting performance with the AK V-1.

Experience a whole new level of cutting with our meticulously handcrafted next-generation evolution of your most loved Akito designs.

The AK V-1 features an innovative curved cutting edge and blade. This design is perfect for all types of hair cutting for both hairdressing and barbering.

AK V-1 VG10
Complete performance.

The AK V-1 is designed to support all your hair cutting needs. From precision cutting, point cutting, freehand styling, scissor over comb, slicing, chopping, slide cutting, and much more.

Perfect for hairdressing and barbering.

Whether you're a hairdresser, barber or both, the AK V-1 will provide you with total hair cutting performance.

Wet and dry.

Designed for both wet and dry hair cutting, meaning it is perfect for you whatever your preference.

AK V-1 Side angle

VG10 Japan

The gold standard of high performance Japanese steels.

The AK V-1 is handcrafted from the amazing VG10 Japanese steel. A steel widely regarded as the true gold standard of premier grade high performance Japanese steels.

VG10 or V-Gold 10 Japan is a bond of exceptional metals, combining the unique qualities of each one to make an ultra strong and powerful steel. These extraordinary qualities include corrosion resistance, extreme hardness, toughness and heat resistance. All combining to make the ultimate high performance scissors.

AK V-1 Shears Japan

Super sharp

Take your hair cutting to new levels with the AK V-1's super sharp convex edge. A high performance piece of masterful engineering honed to perfection to provide you with the ultimate performance.

30 year lifetime.

VG10's corrosion resistance, extreme hardness and toughness all combine to provide your AK V-1 with a lifetime of 30 years and over 30.000 haircuts.

Sharper for longer.

VG10 Japan maintains the supreme sharpness of your AK V-1 for far longer, requiring less sharpening and saving you money.

Protects your clients hair from damage.

Your AK V-1's sharpness provides total protection to your clients hair from split ends and damage.

AK V-1 Scissor Open

Ergo X

The ultimate blend of comfort, control, and protection against career-threatening injuries. Take your cutting and comfort to new heights with the perfect balance of comfort, control and performance with the Ergo X.

Ergo X Offset AKV1
Ergo X AK V-1 Side Angle Offset
Total comfort and control.

The Ergo X prioritises your comfort as though it was made for you. While the revolutionary 3D shape takes control to a whole new dimension providing you with total control when cutting hair.

Limitless creativity.

Perfect for every angle. Enjoy total control, limitless creativity and advanced cutting with the Ergo X.

Advanced protection against injuries.

Designed to provide advanced protection against career-threatening injuries such as Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

Gen. 5

Smoothness like you’ve never felt before.

The AK V-1's Gen 5 ball bearing tension system is our most advanced and best performing mechanism to date.

The engine that powers your hair cutting whilst providing exceptional balance, smoothness and efficiency all while protecting you against tension build up related injuries.

AK V-1 Shears Japan
Super smooth.

By balancing and distributing the weight of the AK V-1 the Gen. 5 provides you with super smooth hair cutting that eliminates strain and hand fatigue.

Sharper for longer.

By eliminating friction the Gen. 5 keeps your AK V-1 sharper for longer, requiring less frequent sharpening and saves you money.

Protects you against Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

The Gen. 5 protects you against severe injuries such as Carpal Tunnel syndrome by eliminating tension build up in your hand and wrist.

AK V-1 Side Angle

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