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Kasai X | Master

Size: 5.5
Handle: Right
Model: New

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  • We provide lifetime warranty on all Akito Scissors, far surpassing the warranties of other brands.

Kasai X blade on black

Master your cutting with the Kasai X.

We know how much you loved the original Akito Kasai so we decided to make it even better by giving it some next generation upgrades. The Kasai X possesses all the qualities that made its predecessor one of our most popular scissors but now with even better and more versatile performance. 

We redesigned the shape of the blade increasing the curvature of the cutting edge making the Kasai X one of the best for hairdressers and barbers. Excelling at slice and slide cutting whilst the refined exterior blade allowed for a more intricate tip supporting advanced precision hair cutting techniques.

Kasai X blade side

VG10 (V-Gold 10)

The Kasai X is hand crafted from the same steel as its predecessor the exceptional VG10 (or V Gold 10) Japanese steel.

Built to last a lifetime.

VG10-Japan steel from which the Kasai X is made provides exceptional strength and durability providing a 30 year lifetime.

Supreme sharpness.

The Kasai X’s sensationally sharp VG10 Japanese convex edge provides you with limitless cutting creativity whilst VG10's superior strength ensures they stay sharp for longer.

Wet and dry.

The Kasai X is here for you whatever the weather, designed to perform perfectly on both wet and dry hair.

Kasai X Gen 3

Gen 3 Ball Bearing.

Stand out from the crowd.

The Gen. 3 Ball Bearing is one of our favourite tension systems thanks to its eye catching look and super smooth performance.

Sharper for longer

By establishing perfect balance between the blades it helps eliminate friction while cutting keeping the Kasai X sharper for longer.

Effortlessly smooth.

The Gen. 3 providing you with luxurious smoothness for effortless hair cutting.

Protecting your hand from tension build up.

The Gen. 3 alleviates hand tension by establishing perfect balance between the blades by evenly distributing weight throughout the Kasai X's surface helping reduce tension build up in your wrist and hands, protecting you from career threatening injuries.

Sculpted Ergo offset handle.

The Kasai X’s ergonomic offset handle is one of our most advanced designs to date, its sculpted design fits perfectly in your hand providing exceptional comfort and control.

Protecting you and your career.

The Sculpted Ergo offset handle design helps protect you from developing career threatening injuries such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

Designed for advanced cutting.

The next generation 3D thumb design provides you with ultimate versatility and increased control supporting advanced cutting angles and techniques such as the famous ‘eastern grip’.

Kasai X Handle

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