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Kasai X | Master

Size: 5.5
Handle: Right
Model: New

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We know how much you all loved the original Akito Kasai so we decided to make it even better by giving it some performance enhancing upgrades.

The Kasai X possesses all the cutting qualities that made its predecessor one of our most popular scissors but now with even better and more versatile performance.

We redesigned the shape of the blade increasing the curvature of the cutting edge making the Kasai X excel at slice and slide cutting whilst the refined exterior blade allowed for a more intricate tip supporting intricate and advance precision cutting techniques.


• 5.5 inch weighs 55g and is a medium-weight scissor.
• 6.0 inch weighs 60g and is a heavier-weight scissor.

• The Kasai's finger and thumb holes are made to fit all hands.

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