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440 Series

Chi-B | Pro - Lefty

Size: 5.5
Handle: Left

  • We provide lifetime warranty on all Akito Scissors, far surpassing the warranties of other brands.

*Certified Near Perfect (New CNP)

The certified near perfect (CNP) Chi are brand new and perform exactly the same as a full price model, the only difference being is they have extremely small and barely noticeable aesthetic blemishes that bare no impact on performance.

How much do I save? You save an amazing 20% off full price and with limited pieces available they won't be around for long so get yours before they're gone.

Japan 440C Steel.


The Chi are crafted by master scissor smiths from the magnificent Japanese 440C steel.

Designed for complete cutting.

The Chi possess precision engineered razor shaped blades with increased width and weight for heavy duty cutting.

20 Year Lifetime.

The Chi provides you with twenty years of superior hair cutting performance.

Super Sharp Japanese Semi Convex edge.

Glide through all hair types with the Chi are supremely sharp and powerful Japanese Semi Convex Edge forged from Japanese 440C Steel alloy.

Wet and Dry.

The Chi’s power makes it perfect for cutting through wet and dry hair, meaning they are perfect as both wet and dry.

Counter-lock UFO tension system.

Protecting you investment.

The UFO tension system protects your Chi from friction and grinding by establishing perfect balance helping keep them sharpener for longer.

Eliminates hand strain.

The Chi's tension system helps eliminate hand strain by establishing balance throughout making for effortless cutting.

Ergonomic Offset handle.

Created for comfort.

The Chi’s Offset handle was created to provide you with superior hand comfort, control and improved posture.

Protecting your career.

The handle is designed to eliminate aches and pains whilst protecting you from career ending injuries such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel.

Creativity at your finger tips.

Designed to support a variety of grip positions providing versatility and freedom of movement for advanced techniques.

What's included with your Chi?

Lifetime Guarantee

Your Chi is covered against defects and parts replacement.

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Free and fast shipping available with your Chi.

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Enjoy 14 days of money back guarantee with your Chi.

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Enjoy Free Exchanges and Free Returns for 14 Days from the day your order arrives.