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Feel the power of the Katana.

The Katana features a precision engineered knife blade design, characterised by possessing a precision tip and a svelte elongated blade design that lends to all your cutting needs.

By virtue of these characteristics the Katana supports a wide variety of cutting techniques including precision cutting, point cutting, free hand, scissor over comb, slicing, chopping and slide cutting making it a true all round performer.

The Katana also performs perfectly on long and short hair meaning it can be used for both hairdressing and barbering.

Pro Series


Size: 5.5
Hand: Right Handed
Model: New - Certified Near Perfect

*Certified Near Perfect (New CNP)

The certified near perfect (CNP) are brand new and perform exactly the same as a full price Katana model with the only difference being is they have extremelly small and barely noticeable aesthetic blemishes that bare no impact on performance.

How much do I save? You save an amazing £100 off full price and with limited pieces available they won't be around for long so get yours before they're gone.

Katana CNP hair shears on white

Feel the power of VG10 Japan.

Made from the finest steel.

The Katana is handmade from VG10 Japan, a steel widely regarded as the best for making the world's finest professional hair cutting scissors / shears.

Extreme pressure. Extreme sharpness.

This magnificent steel has a Rockwell Hardness of 62 meaning it is supremely powerful and can withstand extreme pressures, providing the Katana with its excellent qualities including supreme sharpness and unequalled durability.

Katana hair cutting scissors and shears on white background angled

Gen. 3 ball bearing tension system

Luxuriously smooth cutting.

The Katana's generation 3 ball bearing tension system is designed to provide you with the best cutting experience making it feel both luxurious and smooth.

Sharper for longer.

By establishing excellent balance throughout the Katana the tension system reduces friction between the blades ensuring the cutting edge stays sharper for far longer than other hair cutting scissors / shears.

Minimising hand tension.

By virtue of its exceptional equilibrium the generation 3 tension system takes the load when cutting and reduces the build of tension in the hand / wrist area.

Katana hair cutting scissors and shears tension system on white background

Premium protection. Exceptional comfort.

Enjoy exceptional hand comfort whilst eliminating the aches and the pains with the Katana’s ultra ergonomic offset crane handle with 3D thumb. The handle design works hard to keep you protected from career ending injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and RSI.

Katana hair cutting scissors and shears on white background Japanese convex blades

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