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Scissor Wallet (Four piece) - Hairdressing Scissors Cases.

Color: Brown

Light Brown (tan leather) and Black.

Light Brown (tan leather) and Black.

The 4pc Scissor Wallet hairdressing scissors cases is available in two beautiful finishes which include the luxurious light brown (tan leather) and brilliant black.

Similar to the 1pc Scissor Wallet, the 4pc scissor cases for hairdressers is embossed with the Akito Scissors logo giving it both a subtle and classy finish.

4pc Scissor Waller Tan Leather hairdressing scissors cases closed on side angle on white

Safety for all your tools.

The 4pc leather Scissor Wallet is the perfect way to keep your tools compact and safe both in the salon and on the go.

The Scissor Wallet stores all your essentials in one safe place by safely storing 4 x Scissor, 2 x Feather Razors, 6 x Combs and 4 x Sectioning Clips making easy to keep all your tools to hand wherever you are.

4pc Scissor Waller Tan Leather hairdressing scissors cases partially open side angle white

Premium protection.

High-quality premium leather protection.

The 4pc Scissor Wallet is handmade from tough and strong high-quality thick leather providing cushioning from impact whilst the super-smooth soft exterior finish provides you with a luxurious feel that sits comfortably in your hand.

The internal leather strip separates each side of your Scissor Wallet acting as both a barrier and cushion which prevents your scissors from impacting together.

Locked-in protection.

The 4pc Scissor Wallet features four single-click buttons on the interior of the hairdressing scissors case, locking your scissors snugly and safely into the blade protectors whilst the outer case single-click button secures all your tools inside providing the ultimate full scissor protection.

Tightly bound.

The intricate stitching tightly binds the edges of the Scissor Wallet creating a strong, durable and long-lasting solid body.

4pc Scissor Waller Tan Leather hairdressing scissors cases fully open revealing blade protectors on white background

Tan Leather (Light Brown).

Black Leather.