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X-5 CNP Forbici Barbiere

Size: 6.0" / Right Handed
Color: Silver
Model: Nuovo - CNP

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The X-5 barber scissors feature a knife-shaped blade design with increased depth and wider blade make it perfect for heavy-duty cutting.

The extra weight in the blade provides power and momentum in the cutting action which is beneficial for ease of use with slide, slice, scissor over comb and dry cutting techniques.

The X-5 barber scissors are one of our best selling designs and primarily favoured by barbers. It is very popular among hairdressers for blunt cutting techniques or slice and slide cutting.

5.75 (60g) is medium-weight with a 5.7cm length blade

6.0 (65g) is heavier-weight with a 6.3cm length blade

The X-5's finger and thumb rings are made to fit all hands.

X-5 Barber Scissors front blade

• Handmade from Hitachi Japanese steel.

• 100% Japanese Convex edge honed from Hitachi Japanese steel.

• Sculpted Ergonomic Offset handle provides you with comfort, control and protection against injuries including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis.

• Flat screw tension system eliminates tension and pressure built up in your hands making cutting feel effortless and smooth.

• 3D Thumb design supports a wide variety of grip and hand positions while increasing freedom of angle transition and movement.

X-5 Barber Scissors back blade

What are Certified Near Perfect scissors?

Certified near perfect (CNP) models are brand new scissors that perform exactly the same as a full price Akito Scissors.

The only difference between full price and CNP is the latter have extremely small and barely noticeable aesthetic blemishes. These imperfections are purely aesthetic and bare no impact on performance whatsoever.

Why choose Certified Near Perfect?

CNP's are perfect for hairdressers and barbers that want the best quality at the best price. With CNP models you save 15% compared to full price Akito Scissors while enjoying the best possible cutting performance.

There are very limited pieces available and once they're gone, they're gone - so make sure you get yours before they're sold out and gone forever.

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