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Master Series


Size: 6.0
Hand: Right Handed

Ultimate Texturizing and Blending Scissor.

Experience the ultimate, effortless and smooth hair texturising and blending with the exceptional AK TXSF

Create soft, blended textures with ease of control and smooth effortless cutting. Optimised for visual precision, the AK TXSF has 23 smooth bevel convex teeth, evenly distributed for a blended and controlled 20% hair removal.

Your AK TXSF are the perfect intermediate texturizing scissors for power blending, quickly reducing weight or adding soft volumised texture.

The precision engineered AK TXSF scissor provides you with outstanding performance and control.

Texturizing and Blending Brilliance.

Your AK TXSF is a crossover texturizer, thinner and blender scissor, perfect for creating uniformly blended and textured finishes. Your AK TXSF performs optimally on both thick coarse hair for bulk weight removal or fine hair texturizing. The curvature of the convex cutting blade further softens the texture for a blended finish.

20% Hair Removal.

The AK TXSF is composed of 23 teeth, with a slightly reduced space between each tooth, resulting in a hair removal ratio of 20%, which allows for a combination of textured and blended hair removal.

Supreme Sharpness.

Take your cutting to new levels and re-imagine your creative potential with the texturising and power blending scissor. An enhanced performance piece of masterful engineering, honed to perfection by Expert Craftsmen to provide you with boundless cutting creativity.

The AK TXSF is designed to provide a seamless and effortless cutting experience for all hair texturing requirements. The curved design of the blades ensures a softened removal of hair, resulting in a seamless texture with no sharp lines for precise control. With 23 evenly distributed teeth, the AK TXSF is perfect for creating a seamless texture and dispersing weight build-up on both coarse and short-cropped hair. The soft and smooth texture of the AK TXSF makes it suitable for use on finer hair types to create volumizing textures.

Perfect for hairdressing and barbering.

The AK TXSF excels on short hair for exceptional textured blending and long hair for distributing weight in bulky layers to encourage movement or curl formation achieving bespoke cutting effects in both hairdressing and barbering.

Wet and Dry.

Your AK TXSF is perfect for all your cutting preferences on both wet and dry hair. Whether you are cutting dry hair to refine and personalise or on wet hair during the structural cutting stage of the hair cut this outstanding scissor has you covered.

Protecting your clients hair against damage.

The ultra sharp polished convex edges of the AK TXSF provide a smooth, precise and clean cut to eliminate dragging and prevent damage to your clients hair.

VG10 Japan

Your AK TXSF is crafted from premier grade VG10 ( V-Gold 10 ), a steel widely regarded as the gold standard of high quality Japanese stainless steels and the ultimate for making high performance professional hair cutting scissors.

VG10 Japanese steel is a highly alloyed clad steel meaning that it is a bond of exceptional metals, combining the extraordinary qualities of each element in order to make a supremely powerful and strong steel. These metals include Carbon, Cobalt, Manganese, Molybdenum, Vanadium and Chromium all of which combine to provide your AK TXSF with its exceptional qualities which include corrosion resistance, extreme hardness, extreme toughness and heat resistance to name a few.

61 Rockwell Hardness.

The exceptional VG10 provides a Rockwell Hardness of 61 meaning that it can withstand extreme hard work, providing your AK TXSF with sublime strength and hardness.

Built to last.

VG10's attributes of extreme strength, power and corrosion resistance provide your AK TXSFwith supreme durability and thirty year lifetime.

Your AK TXSF, sharper for longer.

The exceptional strength of VG10 steel ensures the superb sharpness of your AK TXSF for far longer than other hairdressing shears and barber shears.


VG10 possesses an extremely fine granular composition that makes your AK TXSF far easier to repair, sharpen and re-edge than other hair cutting shears to provide your AK TXSF with a significantly longer lifetime.

Ergo X

The Ergo X handle on your AK TXSF is the most advanced handle design we've made to date, its exceptional ergonomic design is carefully crafted to give you complete comfort, control, and protection.

Designed for comfort.

The ergonomic design of the Ergo X Handle on the AK TXFS offers unparalleled comfort, enhancing your daily life.

Advanced cutting.

The perfect handle for every angle - enjoy total control, limitless creativity and advanced cutting with the Ergo X.

Protecting you and your career.

The ergonomic Ergo X has been rigorously engineered, moulded and tested to provide protection against career-threatening (and potentially career-ending) injuries. These injuries include Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSI.

Designed with your hands in mind.

The Ergo X's finger ring and thumb ring are designed and measured to fit your hands.

Comfort and control from another dimension.

The Ergo X is the shape of the future. The innovative Sculpted 3Dhandleis expertly crafted and shaped to meet all your cutting needs, supporting the widest range of cutting styles, angles and grip positions of any other handle design.

From the medium-length sculpt finger restto the 3D contoured finger barand 3D sculpt thumb the Ergo X handle is designed to provide you with the ultimate, most pleasurable and most creative experience of any other hair cutting scissors handle.

Gen. 5

Experience the ultimate in cutting luxury and unparalleled smoothness with your AK TXSF's 5th generation ball bearing tension system, our most sophisticated and highest performing mechanism ever.

The exceptional Gen 5 serves as the engine of your AK TXSF, providing optimal balance, efficiency, and smoothness while minimising the risk of injury due to tension buildup.

Total control.

The Gen 5 evenly distributes the blade weight of your AK TXSF, resulting in a cutting experience that is effortless, seamless and provides complete control.

Protecting your investment.

The unmatched balance the Gen 5 offers between your AK TXSF’s blades, shields them from damage and keeps the cutting edge sharp for longer.

Protecting you against injuries.

The Gen 5 eliminates tension build up in your wrist and hand, helping reduce hand fatigue and providing you with protection against injuries such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel.

What's included with your AK TXSF?

Lifetime Warranty

Your AK TXSF is covered with lifetime warranty.

Free Worldwide Shipping

Your AK TXSF, your way with free express worldwide shipping.

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Pay your way for your AK TXSF with Klarna or ClearPay.

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You have 14 days from when your AK TXSF arrives to keep, return or exchange it.