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Master Series


Size: 6.0
Hand: Right Handed

Master Thinner and Blender.

The AK TNCSR is a precision-engineered, master-thinning scissor that offers complete hair cutting performance for ultimate blending, diffusing, and thinning.

Your TNCSR's 30 curved smooth-convex teeth provide a soft, diffused removal of the hairs weight, leaving no visible cut lines. This makes it suitable for a wide range of blending techniques, from the thickest to the finest hair types. The TNCSR is designed to provide complete control over weight distribution and blending.

Soft and subtle finish.

The curvature to the 30 slim teeth increase the cuts softness to ensure a diffused and more subtle finish.

Optimal weight blending.

The AK TNCSR performs all blending techniques perfectly and excels at diffusing weight build up in short hair. 

Soften, diffuse, layer and texture.

Your AK TNCSR softens and diffuses growth patterns in short hairlines with speed and ease whilst also allowing you to add subtle softening texture to fringes and layers.

The curved tooth design helps soften and free up weight distribution in long bulky layers to help increase the freedom of natural hair flow.

Visible control.

The combination of subtle and evenly distributed hair removal with the AK TNCSR makes it easy to control and minimises the risks of removing too much hair in one cut.

Complete performance.

Your AK TN-CSR will provide an unrivalled cutting performance supporting all your hair blending and thinning needs. From softening baselines, redistributing and diffusing weight build up, adding volumising structure to finer hair or blending muscle movement in the shortest cuts.

Made for hairdressers and barbers.

Your AK TN-CSR performs perfectly on short hair for precision blending and long hair for subtle or bulk removal, encouraging more natural hair movement or curl formation. All this combines to make your AK TNCSR the perfect tool for both hairdressing and barbering

Close control cutting.

Your AK TNCSR allows for increased visibility enabling you to blend and thin hair with increased precision and control.

Wet and Dry.

The AK TNCSR is optimised for wet and dry hair cutting so whether your adding structure to a wet cut or refining dry hair, the AK TNCSR has you covered.

Protecting your clients hair against damage.

Your AK TN-CSR's precision engineered blades are designed to eliminate dragging by seamlessly gliding through your clients hair, protecting against damage that other brands thinning scissors can cause.

VG10 Japan

Your AK TNCSR is handcrafted from premium grade VG10 ( V-Gold 10 ), a steel widely regarded as the gold standard of high quality Japanese stainless steels and the ultimate for making hair cutting scissors.

VG10 Japanese steel is a highly alloyed clad steel meaning that it is a bond of exceptional metals, combining the extraordinary qualities of each element in order to make a supremely powerful and strong steel. These metals include Carbon, Cobalt, Manganese, Molybdenum, Vanadium and Chromium all of which combine to provide your AK TNCSR with its exceptional qualities which include corrosion resistance, extreme hardness, extreme toughness and heat resistance to name a few.

61 Rockwell Hardness.

Your AK TNCSR's exceptional VG10 steel has a Rockwell Hardness of 61 meaning that it can withstand extreme pressures and therefore providing supreme strength and extreme hardness.

Thirty year lifetime.

VG10's extreme hardness, corrosion resistance and toughness provide your AK TNCSR with its extraordinary durability and thirty year lifetime.

Sharper for longer.

The ultra strong VG10 steel maintains the supreme sharpness of your AK TNCSR's cutting and tooth edges for far longer than other brands scissors.


VG10's extremely fine granular structure makes your AK TNCSR easier to repair, sharpen and re-edge providing a far longer lifetime than other thinning scissors.

Ultra Sharp.

Take your blending, thinning and diffusing to the next level with your AK TNCSR's ultra sharp and powerful Japanese VG10 Convex Tooth and Cutting edgeshoned to perfection by Specialist Craftsmen to provide you with the ultimate cutting performance.

Ergo X

Your AK TNCSR features the exceptional Ergo X handle, our most advanced design to date, to provide you with ultimate comfort, control and protection.

Designed for ultimate comfort.

You AK TNCSR's Ergo X handle provides you with ultimate comfort by virtue of the designs exceptional ergonomics, making your every day cutting easier.

Advanced cutting angles.

Your AK TNCSR is the perfect handle for every angle - the Ergo X provides you with total control, limitless creativity and advanced cutting.

Protecting you and your career.

The Ergo X is designed, shaped and tested to provide you with protection against career threatening (and ending) injuries such as Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and RSI.

Designed with your hands in mind.

Made for your hands, the Ergo X's Finger Ring and Thumb Ring are measured and shaped to be the perfect fit for all hand and finger sizes.

Comfort and control from another dimension.

The Ergo X is the shape of the future, the innovative Sculpted 3Dhandleis expertly engineered, shaped and designed to meet all your cutting needs, supporting the widest range of cutting styles, angles and grip positions of any other handle design.

From the medium-length sculpted finger restto the 3D contoured finger barand 3D sculpt thumb, your AK TNCSR's Ergo X handle is designed to provide you with the ultimate, most pleasurable and most creative experience of any other thinning scissors handle.

Gen. 5

Feel ultimate luxury and exceptional smoothness with your AK TNCSR's 5th generation ball bearing tension system, our best performing mechanism to date.

The Gen. 5 is your AK TNCSR's engine, powering your performance whilst providing ultimate balance, efficiency and smoothness all whilst protecting you against injuries caused by tension build up.

Total control.

The Gen 5 equally distributes the blades weight of your AK TNCSR making cutting feel effortless, smooth and providing you with total control.

Protecting your investment.

The exceptional equilibrium the Gen. 5 establishes between your AK TNCSR's blades protects the edges against damage and keeps the cutting edge sharper for longer.

Protecting you against injuries.

The Gen. 5 eliminates tension build up in your hand and wrist, helping reduces hand fatigue and protect you against injuries such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel.

What's included with your AK TN-CSR?

Lifetime Warranty

Your AK TNCSR is covered with lifetime warranty.

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