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Akito Black Swivel Hair Razor

Hair Cutting Razors & Blades

Shop Akito professional hair cutting razor, hair razors and super sharp razor blades, the ultimate tool for blending, texturising, shaping, defusing and finishing any hair cut - the perfect tool to take your creativity and enjoyment to the next level.

Hair Cutting Razors | Hair Razors | Razor Blades.

When it comes to hairdressing and barbering there is no tool quite like the hair cutting razor due to the unique effects it can produce.

We believe that the hair razor is a must for any hairdresser or barber that love to provide intricate detailed work whilst also bringing out their creative side.

Akito Black Swivel Hair Razor

Why use hair razors?

Embrace the artist within you and bring out your true creativity, Akito hair razors act as an extension of your hand, providing you with unequalled versatility for techniques include blending, layering feather-end finishing, bold texturising, soft edges, detailed refining and to straight razor cutting.

Akito Black Swivel Hair Cutting Razor

Ultimate Comfort, Total Control.

The Akito hairdressing razor are designed for optimal ergonomics and to provide you with ultimate comfort, control, versatility and protection from career threatening injuries.

The Swivel and Ergo hair thinning razors handles provide total grip whilst allowing you to place the blade to the exact point you require without bending, turning or altering your hand and wrist position.

Akito Silver Swivel Hair Cutting Razors

The Perfect Razor Blades.

Akito Razor Blades for hairdresser and barber razor are designed to provide the widest range of cutting techniques of any hair texture razor.

The 13-gap blade edge design will make you a true master of razoring and bring all of your most creative designs to life. These super sharp stainless steel blades slice, slice and glide with exceptional ease completely removing dragging or catching, therefore protecting against split ends.

Replacement Razor Blades for Akito Hair Cutting Razors