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Kasai | Master

Size: 5.5
Handle: Right
Model: New - CNP

  • We provide lifetime warranty on all Akito Scissors, far surpassing the warranties of other brands.

Certified near perfect (New-CNP)

The Kasai certified near perfect scissors are the perfect choice for hairdressers and barbers that want premium performance without the price. These scissors are brand new and possess all the exceptional qualities of full price model but for an amazing 30% less.

The only difference between a full price model and a Certified Near Perfect model is the latter have very small and minor aesthetic blemishes, these blemishes have no impact on performance whatsoever and they cut exactly the same as full price models.

Made for the Pro's.

Since its debut in 2016, the Kasai has redefined the art of cutting with its design and exceptional capabilities. At the heart of its innovation lies the robust elongated V-shaped blade, ensuring a uniform distribution of power throughout the Kasai's body, delivering unparalleled versatility and performance.

Crafted as the ultimate all-purpose scissors, the Kasai excels in mastering a wide array of cutting techniques, from the simplest to the most intricate and advanced. Precision cutting, point cutting, freehand styling, scissor over comb, slicing, chopping, slide cutting, and more – the Kasai effortlessly does them all.

Sculpted Ergo Offset Handle.

The ergonomic offset handle is one of our most advanced designs to date, its chilled edges is sculpted to your hand providing unmatched comfort whilst protecting you from developing career ending injuries such as RSI and Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

Versatility and control.

The 3D thumb lets you cut your way by increasing versatility and control supporting seamless transitions between angles and advanced hair cutting techniques.

Kasai Handle

V-Gold 10 Japan.

The Kasai is crafted from a steel widely regarded as the ultimate when it comes to Japanese steels and that is the amazing VG10 (or V Gold 10) Japan steel.

30 Year Lifetime.

VG10 is a steel made for power and durability, meaning it is designed to withstand extreme pressures which is evident in its exceptional Rockwell Hardness score of 61.

Slice, slide and glide.

The Kasai features a supremely powerful and sharp Japanese convex for edge that makes cutting feel effortless.

Sharper for longer.

By virtue of VG10's exceptional qualities the Kasai maintains sharpness for far longer than any other.

Gen. 3 Ball Bearing.

Luxuriously smooth.

The Kasai's Gen 3 bb tension system provides you with a luxuriously smooth and effortless cutting experience.

Protecting your investment.

Eliminating friction through perfect balance, the Gen 3 helps keep your scissors sharper for longer whilst providing exceptional performance.

Protecting your hands and your career.

The Gen 3 tension system bares the Kasai's weight when cutting and considerably reduces the tension build up in your hand and wrist area.

What's included with your Kasai?