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Barber Scissors

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Kasai | Master $374.00 - $479.00 $499.00
X-5 | Pro $299.00 - $399.00
F-2B | Pro $279.00 - $379.00
F-2S | Pro $279.00 - $379.00
XX04 | Pro $349.00 - $449.00

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Barbering Scissors

What are barbering scissors?

Barbering scissors are the most important cutting tools in the career of every professional barber. They have razor sharp cutting edges and blades designed specifically to cut through hair with precision.

They are available in a variety of different sizes from smaller 4.5 inch to longer 7.5 inches. They are made from various types of steels, mostly from either Germany or Japan and with varying quality of steels. 

Choosing the right barbering scissors plays an essential part in your hair cutting performance and career, it is important to choose the correct pair to suit your needs.

Professional Barbershop Shears
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