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Shop professional barber scissors, expertly designed with professional barbers in mind, ensuring superior precision cutting and a comfortable grip for extended use.

Shop our wide range of barbershop scissors designs and sizes, the go-to choice for barbers and hair stylists worldwide. From classic straight blades to the latest ergonomic designs to the finest Japanese steel. Invest in Barbershop Scissors that are built to last and maintain their razor-sharp edge for years to come, giving you the confidence to deliver flawless haircuts every time.

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AK Z-1 | New $475.00 USD - $525.00 USD
AK V-1 | New $475.00 USD
Kasai X $445.00 USD - $475.00 USD
AK TXSF | New $395.00 USD
AK TNCSR | New $395.00 USD
X-5 $245.00 USD - $375.00 USD
AK SHATTER | New $395.00 USD
F-2 Black $275.00 USD - $375.00 USD
F-2 Silver $275.00 USD - $375.00 USD
XX04 $325.00 USD - $425.00 USD
Phantom - Lefty $225.00 USD
Chi - Lefty $195.00 USD - $245.00 USD
Kasai | Sold Out $475.00 USD

Barber scissors and Barber Shears.

Barbering has experienced many changes over the past decade with the rise of precision cutting barbering, brought about by the rise of by big name educators. This has seen a big change in the buying patterns of barbers all across the globe, shifting from the more conventional longer barber shears to the smaller precision scissors and the more all round 5.5 and 6.0 inch.

We are going to cover what are the most popular barbershop scissors including handle design and what to choose depending on stage of your career. If you are unsure on what to buy we believe it is worth taking time to read this information to ensure you choose the perfect for you and your style.

All the information we are providing has been gathered through surveys, buying patterns and opinions from barbers globally to help answer all the important questions about what barber shop shears you should choose.

Kasai Professional barber scissors on white

Most popualr barbering scissors by size.

There are three main types of barber hair scissors with their popularity being split equally across each type, these include precision scissors, all round scissors and long "power" scissors.

Z-1 professional barber shears on white

"Power" barber shop scissors.

This type of barbering scissor are characterised for featuring long-length heavier-weight blades that excel at heavier duty cutting techniques such as slide cutting, scissor over comb and point cutting.

They are also perfect for cutting dry hair due to their unique dimensions although they also cut through wet hair with perfect ease.

These barbers scissor range from 6.0 all the way up to 8.0 with the most popular sizes being 6.5 and 7.0. They are what we would consider them to be one of the most common choices for barbers but as mentioned before, this has changed significantly over the past few years.

Edge Professional barbering scissors

"All-round" professional barber scissors.

This type of professional barber shears includes sizes ranging from 5.5 to 6.25 and are most common among hairdressers but have gained a great amount of prominence as barber hair cutting scissors over the past five to ten years.

They are characterised by their mid-length blades and medium weight, lending themselves to the largest variety of cutting techniques and are perfect as your go to every day scissors for barbers.

As previously mentioned these are considered "all-round" barber hair scissors and can be used as both wet and dry cutting scissors meaning they are the perfect choice for any barber looking for versatile performance.

F-2 professional barbering shears

Small "precision" shears for barbers.

The rise of the smaller "precision" barber shears for professionals has been great over the past few years due to the increase of advanced and precision based barbering education.

This type of professional barbering scissors range between 4.5 to 5.0 inches and are characterised by featuring finer, shorter, slimmer and pointier blade designs. They allow you to get closer to your clients head whilst providing you with full control that allow you to cut closer to your clients head whilst having full control over the blade.

We believe small barber scissors are perfect for barbers that are very methodical and love to take longer with their cuts. These barber cutting scissors are perfect for cutting wet hair and less for dry making them ideal for those that take inspiration from the worlds most prominent barbering educators.

Kaito offset handle barber scissors

Most popualr type of barber scissor handle

The handles of any barbering shear are in our opinion one of the most important parts of any barber scissor They provide you with the creative part to barbering and can help protect you from career threatening injuries such as RSI, Carpal Tunnel or Tendonitis.

Of all of the handles on the market today there is one that is the most popular of them all which is the Offset handle design.


Offset Barber Scissors.

We believe offset handle design is a must when it comes to choosing your professional scissors for barber. The 96% of our customers find this type of design to be the most comfortable of any design and feel it is the easiest to use when learning new techniques.

The design ensures your hand is in the most natural position possible when cutting, encouraging a more open hand and promoting more freedom of movement. This helps considerably reduce tension build up in the wrist and thumb area protecting you from injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This design also promotes improved posture and an easier transition between techniques helping you lower your elbow and arm therefore considerably reducing your risk of developing injuries such as RSI, Tendonitis, Back Pain, etc.

All Akito barber shears are made with ergonomic offset handles meaning that whatever design you choose will provide you with these exceptional qualities whilst protecting you from injury.

AK Z-1 barbering shear handle

Which barber cutting scissors are the best for me?

Throughout your career you'll require different types and different quality of barber cutting shears in order to perform at the level your clients require. We have separated customer favourites into a selection of price and size ranges to help you choose.

We believe that this is something completely unique to each barber and you should choose whatever you feel most comfortable. However, if you are unsure on what to choose we'd recommend you choose one that will provide you with the most well rounded and versatile performance such as a 5.5 inch barber scissors or 6.0 inch barber scissors.

Kasai Professional Barbering Scissor

Are you looking for left handed barber shears?

It has never been more important for lefty barbers to use actual left handed barber scissors than in the modern day. The increasing use of technology in our every day lives has also seen a drastic increase in an injury called "smartphone thumb", an ailment caused by the constant use and extension of our thumbs and fingers.

Which on it's own can be controlled and treated, however, it has increasingly began causing issues to hairdressers and barbers worldwide but especially to the left handles that use right handed scissors which is why it is now more important than ever for you to use the correct lefty barber shears for your needs.

Edge close up mens shears
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